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Angelo Sbardellotto (1907–1932) was an Italian anarchist who attempted to assassinate dictator Benito Mussolini.

He was born on 1 August 1907 in Belluno, Veneto, Italy, the fifth in a family of 11 children. In 1924 he moved first to France, then to Luxembourg and finally to Liege (Belgium), working as a miner and mechanic, participating much in an anarchist group of Liege and actively acting during the campaign support for Sacco and Vanzetti.

In 1928 his mother, Giovanna Dall'Omo, who remained in Italy, wrote to him asking him to come back as he had been given the summons to serve the army; Angelo informed her by letter his refusal to return to Italy, declaring his libertarian ideals, his condemnation of militarism and fascism. Giovanna, Catholic and traditionalist mentality, asked the local council chaplain and the school teacher so one of the two informed the fascist authorities and from that moment Sbardellotto figured in police files as "dangerous anarchist". He espressed many time his wish to kill Mussolini as a revenge for Michele Schirru, in Paris he got a fake Swiss passport and a pistol with two bombs and in October 1931 he was in Rome but he didn't manage to reach his purpose, so he went back to Paris to return the passport with the weapons and then to Belgium where the Belgian police, aware of his intentions towards Mussolini, arrested him for a short while. The year after he tried again the same plan with the same result, then at the third time on 4 June 1932 the Italian police stopped him in Piazza Venezia (Rome) and found the pistol with the bombs. During interrogation, he confessed that he had gone to Italy with the intention of attacking Mussolini like Michele Schirru did. After a judicial investigation by the General Attorney Vincenzo Balzamo, he was prosecuted summarily and in just two days he was sentenced to death by the Special Tribunal for the Defense of the Fascist State, chaired by Guido Cristini, for the "intent to assassinate" the Duce. Sbardellotto refused to make a request for a pardon and was shot the next day, 17 June 1932, at 5:45 am, in Forte Bravetta (Rome), after rejecting church services. Previously, he was forced to witness the execution of militant anti-fascist Domenico Bovone. When the firing squad shot he shouted: "Long live anarchy!". His body was never delivered to the family and was buried in a secret place.