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Angelo State University College of Sciences
Established 1973
Dean Dr. Grady Price Blount
Academic staff
Students 1,158[1]
Location San Angelo, Texas
31°26′24″N 100°28′00″W / 31.440063°N 100.466718°W / 31.440063; -100.466718Coordinates: 31°26′24″N 100°28′00″W / 31.440063°N 100.466718°W / 31.440063; -100.466718
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The College of Sciences at Angelo State University is a unit of the Texas Tech University System located in San Angelo, Texas.

The college was created in 1973. The initial cadre of degrees included Associate’s programs in Nursing and Agriculture (including Home Economics), plus B.S. degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Professor of Biology Dr. Gordon E. Welch was the founding Dean and served in that capacity for over two decades. He was succeeded in 1996 by Professor of Physics Dr. David Loyd, Jr. In 2006, Professor of Geology Dr. Grady Price Blount became the third Dean of the College of Sciences. The institution's first Ph.D. degree (Physical Therapy) was initiated by the college in 2007. In 2010 all of the Nursing and Allied Health programs were spun off to form a new college. At the time of its dissolution in 2011 the College of Sciences consisted of six academic departments offering 20 undergraduate and 3 graduate degree's. The college had the highest per-capita medical school placement rate of any public institution in Texas. The Computer Science program was listed in the Princeton Review as one of the Top 50 Game Design programs in North America. The Physics Department was ranked as one of the top 20 undergraduate programs in the nation by Physics Today.[2] Angelo State University remains as a member institution of the Texas Space Grant Consortium; part of the NASA space-grant university system.[3]

Natural History Collection[edit]

The Natural History Collection was founded in 1960 by Drs. Wilmot A. Thornton and Gordon C. Creel. The collection is now one of the largest in the state including over 11,000 specimens.[4]

MIR Center[edit]

The Management Instruction and Research Center is a 6,000-acre (24 km2) ranch consisting of range and farmland that serves as a teaching and research facility for Angelo State University students and faculty. Current research concentrates on range research, wildlife research, beef cattle research, ruminant nutrition research, sheep and goat research, and food science and meat safety research.


The Planetarium at Angelo State University is one of the largest in Texas and one of the largest on a university campus throughout the United States. It includes a 50-foot (15 m) dome and seats over 110. It is located inside the Vincent building. In 2010 it was converted to a Sci-Dome HD system[5] allowing 360 degree projection of any digital content. It presents many public shows throughout the year. Over 10,000 local students from local schools visit the campus planetarium each year.

Academic departments[edit]

Degrees offered[edit]

Undergraduate programs[edit]

  • Agricultural Science and Leadership with Teacher Certification
  • Animal Science
  • Animal Business
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Food Animal Science and Marketing
  • Geoscience
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics with Teacher Certification
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Physics
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Graduate programs[edit]

  • Animal Science
  • Biology
  • Biology with Emphasis in Science Education

Cooperative programs[edit]

  • Animal Science and Agricultural Education, Texas A&M
  • Animal Science and Interdisciplinary Education, Texas Tech


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