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An angel is a fictional entity within the Marvel Comics universe, based on the angels of the Abrahamic faiths. Their first Marvel Comics appearance was Marvel Tales #133. In the religious text of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastriansim, angels are believed to be guardians of mankind and messengers of God; indeed, "angels" originates from the Greek word for messenger. In Hebrew they are mal'ach, (again messenger), Abbir (mighty) or Elohim (Godly beings).

Powers and abilities[edit]

The abilities and physical features of angels are widely varied and many seem able to alter their appearance at will, but most favor beautiful humanoid forms with large, birdlike wings growing from their backs.[citation needed] They are immortal and do not age. Most angels seem to have varying degrees of superhuman strength, and they often can fire bolts of heavenly fire from their hands or summon burning swords at will.[citation needed] They can make themselves invisible to humans, although rare sensitives may still see them. Many angels can generate illusions and compel humans to obey their will, and some can resurrect the dead by sharing their own divine essence with the deceased.[citation needed] When slain, the Grigori angels spontaneously combusted; whether other angels would likewise is uncertain.[citation needed]

Overview and Portrayal[edit]

The angels of the Marvel Universe tend to believe that the end justifies the means. When battling the forces of Hell, mortals are sometimes expendable. Many of the angels in the Marvel Universe, along with their "God", are portrayed negatively by certain writers, such as atheists Garth Ennis and Warren Ellis, such as the Archangel Ruth, who is deliberately portrayed as brutal, merciless and unhesitantly kills innocents to fulfill her mission, and the renegade Archangel Zadkiel (in real-life religion the Archangel of Mercy), who seeks to conquer all Creation by usurping the Highest Throne.[citation needed]

Important Storylines and Significant Appearances[edit]

  • The Asura, "the assassins of Heaven", played an important role as antagonists in the Warren Ellis Hellstorm series.[citation needed]
  • Gadriel, one of the Grigori, was tasked with watching over the Punisher. After the Punisher committed suicide, Gadriel resurrected him and granted him supernatural powers.[citation needed]
  • The archangel Ruth was sent to deal with the renegade demon Kazann when he ran amok on earth, a mission that caused her to clash with Hoss and the Ghost Rider.[citation needed]

Known angels[edit]

  • Afterlife[1] - became warped after many years on Earth; later became an evil creature in the Afterlife dimension; cured by Doctor Strange
  • Agent of Heaven[2] - member of the Critics who judged Darrel Daniel
  • Andy[3]
  • Angel of Death[4] (Azrael[5]) also known as Lazaer,[4] which was an aspect of Azrael the Angel of Death; battled Logan each time his body died to allow his soul to return to his body; eventually helped restore Wolverine's soul in return for killing Phaedra
  • Anielle[6] - also known as The Fallen, the Fallen One, the Heaven-Sent and the Just-Fallen; member of the Ephemera; created with a short lifespan for one specific purpose - to save the souls of Gambit (Remy LeBeau) and the Sister Katrina from the demon Olivier Stoker; mistaken for Hanael and sought by Olivier Stoker; sacrificed herself to save Sister Katrina
  • Arcturus[7] - member of the Council of Thrones.
  • Armaros[8] - member of the Grigori; slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers[8]
  • Armaziel[9] - engaged in a chess-like game with Sammael; which represented a literal struggle between the forces of Heaven and Hell
  • Azazel[8] - member of the Grigori; slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers[8]
  • Daniel[10] - brother of Malachi
  • Emmael[11] - ally of Vraniel; sought to stop Zadkiel but was killed in battle with Lucifer and Ghost Rider[12]
  • Ephesus[7] - member of the Council of Thrones.
  • Esphares[13] - member of the Grigori; slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers[13]
  • Esther[14] - Archangel of great power; sister of Ruth
  • Ezekeel[8] - member of the Grigori and Patron Saint of Addiction; slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers[8]
  • Gabriel
  • Gadriel
  • Golden Angel
  • Lusa Gregor
  • Hafaza
  • Izadquiel
  • Jodyquiel
  • Metatron
  • Harry Moran
  • Raphael
  • Ruth
  • Sansenoy
  • Sariel
  • Semangol
  • Senoy
  • Shamhazai
  • Spirit of Christmas
  • Tariel
  • Thrasher
  • Todyquiel
  • Tzadquiel
  • Uriel
  • Vraniel
  • Zachariah
  • Zadkiel

Known groups of Angels[edit]

  • Asura
  • Council of Thrones
  • Grigori
  • Religion as Replacement for Thought Coalition

Fallen angels[edit]

  • Asmodeus[15] - fallen angel/demon subservient to Mephisto; served by Mount Avarice, Rzh’Arr, Saturnine, Tabicantra, V’Zarr, Yammuz and Yukthalok; apparently destroyed by Mephisto after a series of failed schemes to obtain the soul of Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze).
  • Beelzeboul[16] - father of Hellfire; had a pact granting immortality to Roger Barbatos
  • Lilith (Bat Zuge or Kiskillilla)[17] - ancient Sumerian goddess and alleged first wife of Adam; apparently degenerated into a demon sorceress; former ally of Centurious and Zarathos; mother of the Liln.
  • Lucifer[18] - led an army that repulsed the N'Garai from Heaven prior to his fall; led 13 other demons/fallen angels against Heaven and was cast down into Hell; escaped to Earth by Ghost Rider where his essence was split into 666 corpses; later possessed the body of Jack O'Lantern (Steve Levins) but was sent back to Hell by Ghost Rider and Dixie
  • Malachi[10] - brother of Daniel & Micah; retained alliance with Micah after he was cast down from Hell and became Kazann; freed Ghost Rider from Hell to defeat Kazann; exposed and cast down into Hell where Ghost Rider dragged him along to be tortured nightly by the demons of Hell.
  • Micah[19] - later became known as Kazann[10] - former archangel and brother of Malachi; rebelled alongside Lucifer and was cast into Hell; escaped to Earth with the aid of Earl Gustav but sent back to Hell by Ghost Rider and Malachi
  • Olivier[13] - former archangel who sided with Lucifer; had his memories and abilities removed and placed in the human form of Frank Costa;[20] returned to power from the deaths generated by Punisher and later attempted to take over all realms of Hell; slaughtered the Grigori but was attacked by demons of Hell he thought defeated and trapped in hell by Gadriel
  • Pazuzu (Imdugud)[21] - demon who protected humans against plague and evil forces; worshipped in Mesopotamia by priestesses of Pazzuzu; created the Doucheblade which empowered Vicki of Humbabu, Hatshesut of Egypt, Hippolyte, Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, Queen Victoria, Eleanor Roosevelt, Suzi Pazuzo and Howard the Duck; possibly an ally of Lucifer and formerly part of Satan's court; released upon his "death" and later summoned to Earth through the body of Seth Walker by Louis Childs; when he killed Louis Childs he was banished by Magik (Amanda Sefton)
  • Sammael/Samael[22] - engaged in a chess-like game with Armaziel which represented a literal struggle between the forces of Heaven and Hell
  • Vrabiel[volume & issue needed]
  • Xaphan[volume & issue needed]

Possible angels[edit]

  • Ghost of Christmas Past[23] - spirit sent to teach the meaning of Christmas to J. Jonah Jameson; got lost and unwittingly tormented Willie Lumpkin instead, resulting in him hating Christmas
  • Tavi[24] - worshipped by Rasputin; also known as the Angel of Dearth[24]

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