Angels (statues)

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The Angels (Slovene: Angeli) are a group of three monumental, primitive busts, located in a park near Kalvarija Hill in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The statues are made of colored concrete and are approximately three metres tall. Each is a different color (pale green, pale yellow, pink) and has slightly different facial proportions. They represent angels, a common theme of their sculptor Lučka Koščak.[1]

They were erected in 2004, with the support of the municipality of Maribor and the Sculpture Institute from Ljubljana. Local residents have nicknamed them "Sveta Trojica" (Holy Trinity).[2]


Coordinates: 46°34′05″N 15°37′39″E / 46.56806°N 15.62750°E / 46.56806; 15.62750