Angels Exodus

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Angels Exodus
Lil B - Angels Exodus album cover rare tybg.jpg
Studio album by Lil B
Released January 18, 2011 (2011-01-18)
Genre Hip hop, cloud rap
Length 36:46
Lil B chronology
Angels Exodus
I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

Angels Exodus is the fourth studio album by American rapper Lil B. It was released digitally on January 18, 2011 through BasedWorld Records and Amalgam Digital. It serves as a prelude to Lil B's 2012 mixtape, Glassface.[1]

Music and lyrics[edit]

Angels Exodus is a hip hop album[2] with a loose theme of "Lil B against the undead: zombies and vampires."[3] Lyrically, the album shows "range, depth, introspection, humor and technique."[2] The first track "Exhibit 6" features "a shout out to Jay Electronica and rhyming over a slow-paced, dark instrumental."[4] The track "Motivation", which features a pitchshifted Drake sample,[3] is about "Lil B looking back on when people were criticizing him, and observing how now they’re all 'on his dick'."[4] "Cold War, Pt. 2" features a sample from Janelle Monáe's "Cold War." The tracks "More Silence More Coffins" and "The Growth" are described as "some of the best chipmunk soul tracks this side of 2004 Kanye,"[2] with the former one featuring a sample from Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life."[3]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Fact3/5 discs[3]
HipHopDX2/5 stars[4]
Tiny Mix Tapes3.5/5 stars[2]

The album generally received mixed-to-positive reviews from music critics. Fact magazine critic Chris Campbell stated: "Angels Exodus gives Lil B the chance to indulge his significant conceptual side with some confines" and further wrote: "The only fair way to evaluate a Lil B album is against other Lil B albums/mixtapes, and in terms of quality, he’s certainly released better."[3] Amanda Bassa of HipHopDX wrote: "In some ways, Angels Exodus is impressive for the sheer fact that Lil B seems to have shown some sort of artistic and mental growth since his initial YouTube blitz." Nevertheless, Bassa also criticized the album, stating: "Even mass amounts of hype can’t cover up Lil B’s poorly mixed vocals, off-kilter methods of blending rapping with simply speaking, skewed perspective on life, and utter knack for taking what makes Rap great, and doing the exact opposite."[4] Tiny Mix Tapes' Brian Richardson described the album as "one weird hip-hop record," stating: "There may be more reverby synths on Angel’s Exodus than there are on the new Radiohead record." Richardson further commented: "Ultimately, it plays more like a mixtape than an album; although there are no skits or guest spots, several songs check in at under two minutes and feel like unfinished sketches."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Exhibit 6" — 3:57
  2. "Life’s Zombies" — 3:21
  3. "All My Life (Remix)" — 3:56
  4. "Bay Area Music" — 2:45
  5. "Motivation" — 3:40
  6. "Cold War, Pt. 2" — 1:54
  7. "Vampires" — 2:37
  8. "More Silence More Coffins" — 3:00
  9. "Connect The Dots" — 1:52
  10. "1 Time" — 3:13
  11. "The Growth" — 4:02
  12. "Frankie Silver" — 2:29


  • Lil B — vocals, lyrics
  • Bobby Music — production
  • Vanx — production
  • Clams Casino — production
  • Lou Pocus — production


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