Angels and Spaceships

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Angels and Spaceships
First edition
AuthorFredric Brown
Cover artist"Kohs"
GenreScience fiction, fantasy
PublisherE. P. Dutton
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardcover)

Angels and Spaceships is a 1954 collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by American writer Fredric Brown. It was initially published in hardcover by E. P. Dutton; a later Bantam paperback edition was retitled Star Shine.[1]


  • "Introduction" (original essay by author)
  • "Pattern" (original)
  • "Placet is a Crazy Place" (Astounding 1946)
  • "Answer" (original)
  • "Etaoin Shrdlu" (Unknown 1942)
  • "Preposterous" (original)
  • "Armageddon" Unknown 1941)
  • "Politeness" (original)
  • "The Waveries" (Astounding 1945)
  • "Reconciliation" (original)
  • "The Hat Trick" (Unknown 1943)
  • "Search" (original)
  • "Letter to a Phoenix" (Astounding 1949)
  • "Daisies" (original)
  • "The Angelic Angleworm" (Unknown 1943)
  • "Sentence" (original)
  • "The Yehudi Principle" (Astounding 1944)
  • "Solipsist" (original)

The original stories are generally very short vignettes.[2]


Anthony Boucher found the collection "contains a little of everything, from screwball fantasy to sober science fiction" and praised Brown's "sparkling originality and delightfully crisp writing."[3] P. Schuyler Miller found the stories to be "good fun", though not so impressive as Brown's novel-length work.[4] Groff Conklin called the book "perfectly delightful", with eight of Brown's "very best stories".[5]


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