Angels and Visitations

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Angels and Visitations
Hardback edition cover
AuthorNeil Gaiman
CountryUnited States
GenreShort story collection
PublisherDreamHaven Books
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages166 pp

Angels and Visitations is a collection of short fiction and nonfiction by Neil Gaiman. It was first published in the United States in 1993 by DreamHaven Books. It is illustrated by Steve Bissette, Randy Broecker, Dave McKean, P. Craig Russell, Jill Carla Schwarz, Bill Sienkiewicz, Charles Vess and Michael Zulli.

Many of the stories in this book are reprints from other sources, such as magazines and anthologies.


  1. The Song of the Audience
  2. Chivalry
  3. Nicholas Was...
  4. Babycakes
  5. Troll-Bridge
  6. Vampire Sestina
  7. Webs
  8. Six to Six
  9. A Prologue
  10. Foreign Parts
  11. Cold Colours
  12. Luther's Villanelle
  13. Mouse
  14. Gumshoe
  15. The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  16. Virus
  17. Looking for the Girl
  18. Post-Mortem on Our Love
  19. Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines
  20. We Can Get Them for You Wholesale
  21. The Mystery of Father Brown
  22. Murder Mysteries

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