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Anger (放縱)
Studio album by Sandy Lam
Released May 1986 (1986-05)
Genre Cantopop
Label CBS Records
Sandy Lam chronology
Sandy Lam (林憶蓮)
Anger (放縱)
Sandy (憶蓮)

Anger is the second album by Sandy Lam, released under CBS Records in 1986. This album performed poorly in terms of album sales and chart performance. Despite this, Sandy attracted a group of male teenager audiences.

Track listing[edit]

1. Anger (放縱)
2. Cupid's Holiday (愛神 Holiday)
3. Am I your love tomorrow? (明天是否愛我)
4. Save me, quick! (快快救我)
5. Kiss (偷吻)
6. Heartbreak Alley (心碎巷)
7. Crazy for me (為我心痴)
8. Corner of the street (長街的一角)
9. I am yours already (但我已給你)
10. Heart adventure (心裡探險)

Alternate versions[edit]

Anger(Lonely Mix)--Released under "Summer Remix 1986" CBS record 1986
Heartbreak Alley(Heartbreak Mix)--Released under "Heartbreak Alley EP" CBS record 1986
Cupid's Holiday (Holiday Mix)--Released under "Heartbreak Alley EP" CBS record 1986
Heartbreak Alley(Special Mix)--Released under "Heartbreak Alley EP" CBS record 1986

Conceptual Aspect[edit]

This album, like her last debut album, is also produced by producer Fung Geng Fei. The image of Sandy is still a Japanese idol. Of course, this image was not accepted well by the audience and critics. The main difference about Sandy's image is her looks. She is a rebellious Japanese teenager in this album as opposed to a childish girl. Overall, this album is almost identical to her last debut album in terms of conceptual aspect.

Commercial Aspect[edit]

Surprisingly, this album eventually performed the feat of going platinum(50,000 units) in the summer of 1986. Singles included "Anger" and "Am I your love tomorrow?", while "Heartbreak Alley" and "Corner of the Street" received some airplay. First single "Anger" also reached #1 on the RTHK charts for one week.

Musical Aspect[edit]

Similar to the concept itself, lyrically and instrumentally, is also the typical Japanese idol image. The production team is the same as her last album. 6 out of 10 songs are cover of Japanese songs.

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