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Housing block in Angered
Angereds Centrum is the shopping center of Angered

Angered (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈâŋːɛˌreːd] About this soundlisten )[1] is a borough of Gothenburg Municipality in Västra Götaland County, Sweden. Angered is the biggest Million Programme area in Gothenburg, and one of the biggest in the country, with 60,000 inhabitants.

The hilly terrain forced the planners to build the different parts of Angered at some distance from each other.

Angered is a multicultural community with a high immigrant population.[citation needed]

During the 2014 election, gangs of men threatened the locals from voting at polling stations.[2]

In its December 2015 report, the Swedish Police Authority designated the district as an especially vulnerable area, indicating high crime rates, social exclusion, and threats against witnesses and accusers make it very difficult or impossible for police organisations to complete their mission of law enforcement.[3]

In 2017 a camel centre was in the planning stages with funds from the Gothenburg Municipality. Posters for the project claim that camel milk help avert autism, tuberculosis and diabetes, claims which are illegal according to the Medical Products Agency.[4]

In 2017 the postal services were forced to change their routines in the area due to threats and serious attacks on their staff.[5]

In 2017, Angered is the district of Gothenburg with the least educated population aged 25–64. About 12-13% of the population has a post-secondary education of three years or more. About 30% of pupils have not completed primary education and so are not eligible to attend secondary school. About half the population is unemployed. Inhabitants in Angered have low levels of trust. About half state they do not have trust in other people. Inhabitants in the area are unwilling to take part in judicial processes and social services. Police, public officials and businesses have difficulties performing their functions in the area. Criminal gangs sell narcotics openly in schools and gang-related violence occurs openly in public spaces and is directed also towards non-gang members as well as rival gangs.[6]

In April 2018, security cameras were installed at the secondary school Angeredsgymnasiet.[7]

In July 2018 the camera surveillance in the area was intensified as police had problems getting terrified witnesses to testify in court trials. The intensification also comprised Gothenburg Biskopsgården and Bergsjön.[8]



The following sports clubs are located in Angered:

Swedish triple-jumper Christian Olsson, formerly ranked no. 1 in Europe, was born in northern Angered.


Angered is served by bus lines 40 and 71-77 and a number of tram lines. The tram service terminates here, with the turning slope running around the bus terminal. The tram lines serving Angered are 4, 8 and 9 (towards Mölndal, Frölunda and Kungssten). Initially, the tram line was due to run past Angered Centrum, terminating at Rannebergen, not far from the centre. This project was abandoned while under construction, and bus line 76 runs from Angered Centrum to Rannebergen instead. However, there is space for trams inside the hill, just as at Hammarkullen. The next station southwards is Storås.

Coordinates: 57°48′N 12°02′E / 57.800°N 12.033°E / 57.800; 12.033References[edit]

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