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Angereds Teater is a non-government sponsored theater which aims to serve a population outside of the country’s main population centers.[1] It is located in the town of Angered, Sweden a northern suburb of Gothenburg which has a large immigrant population from a variety of countries.(travel) Offering plays for both adults and children, the theater is the center of culture for the area, hosting a number of plays and other events throughout the year.[2][3]

The Theatre is part of Sweden’s tradition of plays and other events especially for children, with a number of theatre and other artistic groups dedicated to this purpose. The Theatre also offers workshops for children with the aim of giving them an appreciation of the art.[1]

Angereds Teater appears as part of the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico in 2011 as part of latter’s programming for children.[4] The theatre company presents “The Butterfly Pilots,” a play is a story about loneliness and friendship, sudden falls and happy new beginnings to show that new friends appear when old ones go away. The play is aimed at children between six and nine years of age. It was presented at the Theatre in Gothenburg for over a year, with previous tours in Egypt and Syria .[1]

The play has extravagant scenery and in some parts, the audience can dance.[4] The main actors of the play are Phax Ahamada, who has created a unique technique of slow movement dance and Ami Skånberg, who is known for combining dance styles from around the world into her work.[4][3]


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