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Danny Masseling.jpg
Background information
Also known asMenace II Society
Kid Morbid
Denekamps Gespuis
Born (1981-06-20) 20 June 1981 (age 41)
Almere, Netherlands
GenresHardcore, gabber
Years active2001–present
LabelsMasters of Hardcore

Danny Masseling (born 20 June 1981), better known by his stage name Angerfist, is a Dutch hardcore producer and DJ.

Aside from his main alias, he also produces for other genres and subgenres under various aliases and is part of the following groups: The Supreme Team (with Outblast, Tha Playah & Evil Activities), Masters Elite (with Catscan and Outblast), and Roland & Sherman (with Outblast).

During live acts, he is accompanied by MC Prozac (Minne Roos).


Angerfist started making music at the age of 16. Beginning with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats, his interest in producing music started to grow.[1] He began his career in 2001 after sending a demo to Mark Vos, also known as DJ Buzz Fuzz, director of BZRK Records.[2] Vos liked the tape and signed Angerfist, who then released his first EPs under the names "Menace II Society" and "Angerfist".[3] Angerfist soon gained popularity in the "gabber scene" because of the aggressive nustyle sound he made. His style is characterized by hard bass drums and vocals sampled from various media, especially films. He already has some hardcore hits to his name, including: "Dance With The Wolves", "Raise Your Fist", and "Riotstarter". His increasing popularity gave him the opportunity to produce the anthem for Masters of Hardcore in 2005, titled "The World Will Shiver".

Angerfist has performed at many well known events such as Sensation Black, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon. 1, Mysteryland, and Dominator. He gained the prestigious 39th spot in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ edition of 2011,[4] dropping to 42nd on the following year and rising to 34th place in 2013, thus being the number 1 hardcore act in the list. As of 2020, his highest ranking on the list was No. 29, which he achieved in 2018. He is currently ranked No. 33 on DJ Mag list for 2019.[5]

In July 2013, it was announced that the Bloodcage project would feature MC Prozac (in his alias of DJ Bloodcage) as the live face of the project, while still involving both artists (MC Prozac and Angerfist) in its studio output.[6]

From September 2021 during Covid-19 pandemic he also started playing games with fans on streams - also known as AngerGames.

During live acts with his MC, they almost always perform wearing specially designed ice hockey masks and black or white hoodies.



Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Title
1998 Fuck Trance
2001 My Style From The Darkside
2001 Cannibal
2002 Criminally Insane
2002 Fuck Off
2002 Murder Incorporated
2002 Chronic Disorder (as Menace II Society)
2002 Fear Of Other (as Menace II Society)
2002 Son Of A Bitch (as Menace II Society)
2002 No Escape From My Wrath (as Kid Morbid)
2003 Within The Darkness
2003 It Never Stops
2003 Son Of Satan
2003 The Passages
2003 Bonified Alkoholik Musik Making Muthafucka (B.A.M.M.M)
2003 Maniac Killa
2003 The Number
2003 Necroslave
2003 Break Society Down
2003 Killerfist
2003 Audio Waste
2004 Raise Your Fist
2004 Too Weird To Die
2004 Ultra Rebel
2004 Vato
2004 Shattered Hope
2004 Krazy
2004 Alkoholik (as Menace II Society)
2005 Penis Enlarger (with Akira)
2005 Raise Your Bottle (with Korsakoff)
2005 Dortmund '05
2005 Life
2005 The World Will Shiver (Masters of Hardcore 2005 Anthem)
2005 Chop Chop
2005 The Fast Lane
2006 Stainless Steel
2006 With The Fresh Style
2006 Dance With The Wolves
2006 Towards Isolation
2006 My Critic Fetish
2006 Kidnapped Redneck
2006 Yes
2006 Fuck The Promqueen
2006 Broken Chain (with Crucifier)
2006 Twisting My Mind
2006 Chaos & Evil
2006 Megamix
2007 Somewhere Down The Lane (as Roland & Sherman with Outblast)
2007 Superior (with Outblast & Predator)
2008 Alles Kut Enter (ft. Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2008 TNT (ft. Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2008 Put It Up (with Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2008 Right Through Your Head
2008 Riotstarter
2008 Strangle And Mutilate (as Bloodcage)
2008 In A Million Years
2008 Brother's Keepers (ft. Kokka & Cixx)
2008 Postcard From Hell (with T-Junction)
2008 Radical (Official Dominator 2008 Anthem)
2009 No Fucking Soul
2009 Choices
2009 187 (with Predator)
2009 Anticipate
2009 Tonight (with Crucifier)
2009 Sensational Gargle (ft. Crucifier)
2009 Bite Yo Style
2009 Close To You
2009 Legend (with Predator)
2010 The Voice of Mayhem (with Outblast ft. MC Tha Watcher) (Official 15 Years Masters of Hardcore Anthem)
2010 Delusion (with Outblast)
2010 A New Level of freak (with T-Junction)
2010 No Better Future (with T-Junction)
2010 And Jesus Wept
2010 Megamix 2010
2011 The Depths Of Despair
2011 Incoming
2011 Just Know (with Tieum)
2011 Shitty Rave Track (with Tieum)
2011 Megamix 2011
2012 Buckle Up And Kill
2012 Eraser
2012 Catastrophe (with Outblast & MC Tha Watcher) (Official 2012 Dominator Anthem)
2012 Pagans (with Lowroller)
2012 Santiago (with Miss K8)
2012 The Desecrated
2012 Megamix 2012
2013 Don't Fuck With Me
2013 From The Blackness
2013 Street Fighter
2013 Burn This MF Down
2013 Just Like Me (with Tha Playah ft. MC Jeff)
2013 Megamix 2013
2014 Dirty Man (with Tieum)
2014 Knock Knock
2014 Wake Up Fucked Up (with Negative A)
2014 Megamix 2014
2015 Sock It (with Tieum)
2015 Megamix 2015
2016 Bogota (with Miss K8)
2016 Order Of Hostility (Official Airforce Festival 2016 Anthem) (with Radical Redemption)
2016 Fist In Your Face (with N-Vitral)
2016 Megamix 2016
2017 HOAX (with Furyan)
2017 Blood For Blood (with Bodyshock ft. Tha Watcher)
2017 Die Hard (with Outblast ft. Tha Watcher)
2017 Megamix 2017
2018 Tournament of Tyrants (Official Masters of Hardcore 2018 Anthem) (with Tha Watcher)
2018 Pennywise
2018 Creature
2018 Hustlers (with System Overload)
2018 Nocturnolz (with Nolz & Radical Redemption)
2019 Critter
2019 Bare Knuckle Fist (with N-Vitral)
2019 Impact & Get It Lit (with Miss K8)
2019 Rally Of Retribution (Official Dominator 2019 Anthem) (with Nolz)
2019 Primal Instinct (with Stereotype)
2019 Diabolic dice
2019 Soldier
2019 Freddy
2019 Attack of the dice
2019 Solid Stigma
2019 Geto tremble
2020 Madrid
2020 Mighty Methods
2020 Born To Rule
2020 Virtual Disaster
2020 Reprogrammer
2020 Face My Style
2021 Break Of Dawn
2021 You Ain't Real
2021 What Happened
2021 Prophecy
2022 Beyond Strength
2022 The Other Side
2022 Act On Impulse
2022 Fist On Acid (Techno Mix) (with Reinier Zonneveld)


Year Original artist Title
2002 Outblast Hey Motherfuckers (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Art Of Fighters vs. Nico & Tetta I Became Hardcore (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Human Resource Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist Remix)
2005 Negative A Suck My Dick (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Noize Suppressor Bone Crusher (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Outblast Time To Make A Stand (Outblast & Angerfist Mix)
2007 Paul Elstak You're a Hardcore Hooligan (Angerfist Remix)
2008 Kasparov ft. MC Raw We Will Dominate (Angerfist Refix)
2009 Tha Playah Mastah of Shock (Angerfist Remix)
2010 Korsakoff Unleash The Beast (Angerfist Remix)
2011 Hellsystem Shut Up And Die (Angerfist Remix)
2011 Marshall Masters I Like It Loud (Angerfist Remix)
2012 Nitrogenetics Pledge Of Resistance (Angerfist Remix)
2012 Marshall Masters ft. The Ultimate MC I Like It Loud (Angerfist Remix)
2012 Meccano Twins Complex Man (Angerfist & Predator Remix)
2012 Diss Reaction Jiiieeehaaa (Angerfist Remix)
2012 Hellsystem Shut Up & Die (Angerfist Remix)
2013 Re-Style Renovation (Angerfist Remix)
2013 Skrillex & Damian Marley Make It Bun Dem (Kid Morbid Remix)
2013 Neophyte & Evil Activities One of These Days (Angerfist Remix)
2015 Counterfeit & Negative A Self-Acclaimed Criminals (Angerfist Remix)
2015 Satronica & Unexist Fuck the System (Angerfist Remix)
2017 Tha Playah Why So Serious? (Angerfist Remix)
2019 Skrillex & Damian Marley Make It Bun Dem (Angerfist 2019 Refix)

Free releases[edit]

Year Title
2003 There You Go
2003 The Steel Finger
2003 Sting Like A Scorpion
2004 Reality
2004 Rollin' The Drumz
2004 The 36th Chamber
2004 Kiss
2004 Representin' Gangsta Shit (with Amnesys)
2004 Back Into Time
2004 Bad Boy
2004 Bad Religion
2004 Blow Your Brain Out
2004 Criminal
2013 Temple of Disease[7]


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