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Flag of Angerlo
Coat of arms of Angerlo
Coat of arms
Location of Angerlo as municipality until 2005
Location of Angerlo as municipality until 2005
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Zevenaar
Population (2010) 1,362

Angerlo is a village in the municipality of Zevenaar, in the eastern Netherlands. It is located about 2 km south of Doesburg.

Until 1 January 2005, Angerlo was an independent municipality, with a population of about 5000. This municipality included the villages of Bahr, Giesbeek and Lathum, and the hamlets of Bevermeer and Bingerden.


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  • [1], [2] Maps of the municipality in 1868

Coordinates: 51°59′44″N 6°08′09″E / 51.9956°N 6.1358°E / 51.9956; 6.1358