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Smileage at their first Performance in the Nippon Budokan 2014
Smileage at their first Performance in the Nippon Budokan 2014
Background information
Also known asSmileage
Years active2009–present
Associated acts
  • Akari Takeuchi
  • Rikako Sasaki
  • Moe Kamikokuryo
  • Momona Kasahara
  • Ayano Kawamura
  • Musubu Funaki
  • Haruka Oota
  • Layla Ise
  • Rin Hashisako
Past members

Angerme (アンジュルム, Anjurumu), formerly Smileage (スマイレージ, Sumairēji, stylized as S/mileage), is a Japanese idol girl group from the supergroup Hello! Project, which originally consisted of four former Hello! Pro Egg (Hello! Project trainees) members that left Egg in 2010 and became full-time members of Hello! Project. In 2010, they won the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. In 2011, five new girls were added to the group as part of the second generation, with two being former Egg members and three new girls. With 3 members graduating, Angerme continued the rest of their career as a 6-member group.

Since the formation of Angerme, there have been 6 more generations and 5 more graduations. As of March 2020, the total number of members of the group stands at 9 members, one of which has announced graduation.


Smileage era[edit]

2009: Formation[edit]

On April 4, Japanese music producer Tsunku announced on his blog that a new girl group consisting of Hello! Pro Egg members would be formed. The members would consist of Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, and Kanon Fukuda, all formerly of Shugo Chara Egg!, as well as fellow Egg Saki Ogawa. Ayaka was the designated group leader.[1] A month later, on May 7, 2009, he revealed that the group would be called "Smileage". The name is a portmanteau of the English words "smile", "mileage", and "age", and together the name means "the age of smiles".

Smileage's first single, "Ama no Jaku", was released at the Hello! Pro Egg: Nakano Step! concert on June 7, 2009.

2010: Debut[edit]

After releasing three singles, Tsunku announced that the group would become a full-time group in the spring of 2010 and their debut was set for May 2010. A "Smile Campaign" (笑顔キャンペーン, "Egao Campaign") was embarked upon to collect 10,000 smiles from people, where fans were asked to send in photographs of themselves smiling, compiled into a big mosaic.[2] The group made their official event debut in Nagoya on March 19, with their fourth single "Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!", released March 14, their first release on the Up-Front Works label.[3] It peaked at the No.1 spot on the Oricon weekly indies chart.[4] After the deadline on March 25, it was announced that the result of the campaign would be announced during the joint Smileage and Erina Mano concert on April 3.[5] It was then announced that the group would be leaving from Hello! Pro Eggs.[6]

Smileage appeared as the opening support act at fellow Hello! Project act Cute's concert on March 20, 2010.[7] On April 3, they performed a joint concert with Erina Mano, at which Tsunku announced that the girls would indeed make their major debut, and revealed the completed mosaic.[8][9] Their first major single, "Yume Miru Fifteen" (A Dreaming Fifteen Year Old), was released on May 26, and debuted on Oricon at number 5. Their first tour, titled "Devil Smile Angel Smile," began on October 9, 2010. In late August, a post on their official website revealed that their first album had been set for a winter release. The album's name was later revealed to be Warugaki 1 (Evil Brats 1) and was released on December 8, 2010. On December 30, Smileage received the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist.[10]

2011: The second generation[edit]

On May 29, 2011, Smileage revealed at their first-anniversary event that they would be holding auditions for new members to add to the four-member line-up and that some of the members would depart. The new members were announced on August 14.[11] From Hello! Pro Egg, Akari Takeuchi and Rina Katsuta were added, and three other girls - Kana Nakanishi, Fuyuka Kosuga, and Meimi Tamura - also joined.[12][13]

On August 24, it was announced that Saki Ogawa would be leaving Smileage on August 27 and, subsequently, from Hello! Project. In May 2011, she had asked to return to the life of a normal junior high school student.[14][15][16] On September 9, one of Smileage's newest additions, Fuyuka Kosuga, was diagnosed with anaemia, after missing a concert due to illness. Due to her anaemia, she left the group and resumed her work as a Hello! Project Egg after her recovery.[17][18]

Starting September 18, a second Smile Campaign was held by the new members to determine their place as official members in the group. On October 16, at Smileage's "Tachiagirl" event, producer Tsunku announced all four sub-members had become full members. On October 25, it was announced that Yuuka Maeda would leave Smileage and, subsequently, from Hello! Project on December 31. This was due to her wanting to retire from show business and focus on university entrance exams, and she felt that it would be unfair to her supporters to only give the fans half of her concentration on stage.[19]

At the start of 2012, the group consisted of six members - two being first-generation and four being second-generation members. On February 1, they released "Choto Mate Kudasai!", their ninth single overall and first without Yuuka Maeda. Their 10th single "Dot Bikini" followed on May 2, their first best-of album on May 20, and their 11th single "Suki yo, Junjō Hankōki" on August 22. On August 30, Smileage's 13th single and second album was announced. The single, titled "Samui ne", was released on November 28, and the album 2 Smile Sensation was released on May 22, 2013. On July 7, 2013, they released their fourteenth single, "Atarashii Watashi ni Nare! / Yattaruchan". It was their first double A-side single.

On August 16, 2013, it was announced Smileage and senior labelmate Cute would have a joint live house Fanclub tour, titled Naruchika 2013 Aki ℃-ute x Smileage, from October 5 to December 8. On November 1, a mini-tour for Smileage, called Smileage Live Tour 2013 Aki ~Smile Charge~, was announced on the official Hello! Project website. The tour began on November 12 in Saitama and ended on December 12 in Gunma. During their concert at Live House in Harajuku, it was announced that they would have their 1st Spring tour called Smileage Live Tour 2014 Haru ~Smile Charge~, it began on January 23 and ended on May 25.

On December 18, 2013, Smileage released their fifteenth single, "Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu". It ranked #3 in Oricon's weekly single chart and sold a total of 37,141 copies, becoming their highest-selling single to date.

On March 29, 2014, Tsunku announced at Hello! Project Hina Fest 2014 ~Full Course~ via VTR that Smileage would have their first Budokan Live, Smileage LIVE 2014 Natsu FULL CHARGE ~715 Nippon Budokan~, on July 15. They were expected to sell at least 8,000 tickets.

On April 30, Smileage released their sixteenth single, "Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion". On August 2, Smileage attended the 2014 Tokyo Idol Festival. On August 3, Smileage also appeared on the SMILE GARDEN live stage as a special opening act.[20] On August 18, it was announced that Smileage's official website would be closing on August 31. On August 20, Smileage released their seventeenth single, "Aa Susukino / Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu". This was their final single as a 6-member Smileage.

Angerme Era[edit]

2015 – 2016: Re-brand and third, fourth, and fifth generation debut[edit]

On September 24, 2014, it was announced that a third generation for the group would be added from among the Hello! Pro Kenshūsei, as well as a name change for the group to be decided on October 31. On October 4, Mizuki Murota, Maho Aikawa, and Rikako Sasaki were revealed as the new members, bringing the group to nine girls. On November 26, Smileage performed as the opening for Morning Musume '14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ in Yokohama Arena. They performed "Eighteen Emotion", marking their first performance as a 9-member line-up.

On December 17, 2014, it was announced that Smileage would be renamed Angerme. The announcement was made on the last day of their 2014 fall tour, Smileage Live Tour 2014 Aki ~FULL CHARGE~. The name was proposed by second-generation member Nakanishi Kana and comes from a combination of the French words for angel (ange) and tear (larme).[21] Since this was effectively a new group with a revised membership and a release schedule under the new name, the group known as Smileage effectively ceased to exist from that date.

On January 2, 2015, Angerme announced they would have a second Budokan concert on May 26.

On February 4, 2015, Angerme released their eighteenth single (and their first under their new name), "Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu". It peaked at #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart and sold 48,578 copies, becoming their highest-selling single to date.

On March 18, 2015, the final product using the Smileage name, Smileage Live Tour 2014 Aki ~FULL CHARGE~ FINAL in O-EAST, was released.

On May 20, 2015, Kanon Fukuda announced that she would be leaving Angerme and Hello! Project in the fall to continue with her university studies.[22] On May 26, at Angerme STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL @ Nippon Budokan "Taiki Bansei", Angerme announced they would release their nineteenth single, "Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahou Tsukai Sally", on July 22.

On August 14, 2015, Angerme performed at TV Asahi's Coca-Cola Summer Station Live.[23] On August 27, during Angerme Live Tour 2015 SUMMER / AUTUMN ~FIGHTING NINE~, Angerme announced that their 20th single would be released on November 4 and that it will be Fukuda Kanon's graduation single.[24] The release date was later changed to November 11, 2015.[25]

On November 11, 2015, Angerme released their twentieth single, "Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi." At the release event for this single, the winner of the 2015 Angerme Shin Member Audition and a sole fourth generation member was announced with Moe Kamikokuryou revealed as the new member. This was the first time a Hello! Project group other than Morning Musume welcomed a sole generation member. With Kanon Fukuda leaving on November 29, 2015, at the "Angerme First Concert Tour 2015 Aki "Hyakka Ryouran" finale at Nippon Budokan", Ayaka Wada was the last remaining first generation member.

On December 16, 2015, Angerme performed at Fuji TV's 2015 FNS Kayousai THE LIVE, alongside Morning Musume '15 and Cute.[26]

Less than a month after Fukuda's graduation, on December 20, 2015, during the Angerme Christmas Fanclub event, it was announced that Meimi Tamura would leave Angerme and Hello! Project in spring 2016. On January 2, at the opening day concert of Hello! Project 2016 WINTER ~DANCING! SINGING! EXCITING!~, Tamura's graduation date was announced to be on May 30 at Nippon Budokan. On April 27, Angerme released their 21st single, "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku / Itoshima Distance / Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru." It is the first single to feature Kamikokuryo Moe, the last single to feature Tamura Meimi, and the first single since Smileage's formation to not include Kanon Fukuda. On May 30, Tamura Meimi graduated from Angerme, bringing the group's members down to eight.[27]

On July 16, 2016, a surprise announcement was made: Momona Kasahara, previously from Hello! Pro Kenshūsei, would join the group as the sole 5th generation member, bringing the group's members up to nine. This was the first generation since the group's formation to join less than a year after the previous generation. Kasahara made her debut performance only 2 days after the announcement, during Angerme's performance on Fuji TV's 2016 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri on July 18 with Cute and Morning Musume '16.[28]

On October 19, Angerme released their 22nd single, "Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru." This was the debut single of Momona Kasahara, and the first Angerme single to not include Meimi Tamura.

In December 2016, Angerme collaborated with comedian Joujou Gundan to promote Morinaga DARS's "Dars no Hi" on December 12. They released a web video series in which they cooked with DARS chocolate. On December 31, at the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2016 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~, it was announced that Wada Ayaka would succeed Yajima Maimi as the 6th leader of Hello! Project with Mizuki Fukumura as the sub-leader from the start of 2017.[29][30]

2017 – 2018: Sixth and seventh generation debut[edit]

On January 11, 2017, Hello! Project announced the hiatus of Maho Aikawa until further notice, due to being diagnosed with panic disorder. The cause of the disorder was unknown, though triggers likely stemmed from live appearances in concerts, so it was decided that she was unfit to participate in Angerme's activities until the underlying problem was figured out, and she felt ready to perform again.[31]

On February 10, the group announced a joint Live and Hall spring tour titled Angerme Spring 2017 Tour ~Rin~ & ~Kawaru Mono Kawaranai Mono~, running from March 3 through May 15.[32][33]

On March 25, it was announced that Angerme and Morning Musume '17 would be featured in the web service game titled Hello! Project Hina Fest "Idol Nama Gassen" ~Kunitori Tenka Touitsu Hen~, for which a "live battle" event was held on April 16. Aikawa was substituted by Juice=Juice's Yuka Miyazaki for the event.[34]

As of June 13, after the departure of senior labelmates Cute, Ayaka Wada officially took the role of Hello! Project Leader. On June 21, Angerme released their 23rd single, "Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan".[35] In the June 23 episode of Upcoming, it was announced that Angerme and Up Up Girls (Kari) would hold a joint "battle of the bands"-style event on September 12 at Zepp DiverCity.

On June 26, Funaki Musubu, who transferred from Country Girls and Kawamura Ayano as a former Hello! Pro Kenshūsei, joined Angerme as new 6th generation members. Musubu continued her activities as a full member of Country girls until June 30, where she then became a full member of Angerme, and held a concurrent position in Country Girls. The sixth generation began activities in the group at the Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER concert tour on July 15.[36]

On June 30, with the departure of Momoko Tsugunaga, Ayaka Wada became the most senior member of Hello! Project, at 13 years. She also became the longest-serving leader of a Hello! Project group.

On July 15, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako, Kamikokuryo Moe, and new member Kawamura Ayano appeared on TBS's Ongaku no Hi 2017 in a pre-recorded performance. They were part of a special Hello! Project unit with Morning Musume '17 and a selection of members from Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory.[37][38]

On December 13, Angerme released their 24th single, "Manner Mode / Kisokutadashiku Utsukushiku / Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends", as a DVD and Blu-ray. It is the debut single of the sixth generation as well as the second single released without Aikawa Maho. On December 31, an announcement was posted to the Hello! Project website, stating that Aikawa Maho had decided to graduate from both Angerme and Hello! Project, after having been on hiatus from activities for the past twelve months. The graduation was effective immediately, making Aikawa the first of the third generation to graduate.[39]

On January 28, 2018, Angerme announced they would be holding their first overseas concert in Paris, France on June 3. It was later announced in April 2018, that Angerme would also hold their first Asia tour after their France concert: in South Korea on June 29, Hong Kong on June 30, and Taiwan on July 1. To promote the concerts, they held Facebook and Twitter live Q&A sessions on May 20 and 21.

On April 5, Ayaka Wada made an announcement that she would graduate in one year, in spring 2019 at the end of a spring concert tour.

Throughout the whole month of May, Angerme opened a pop-up café in collaboration with SWEETS PARADISE in Shinjuku: and on May 10, at SWEETS PARADISE's Trattoria PARADiSO location in Ikebukuro Sunshine City.[40]

On May 9, Angerme released their 24th single, "Nakenai ze・・・Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)". This was the group's first single without the graduated Aikawa. On July 21, they released the digital song "Natsu Shougun".[41]

On August 12, they performed at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018 on the Buzz Stage.

On October 31, Angerme released their 25th single, "Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! / 46okunen LOVE".

On November 19, Angerme announced they would reveal one or more members during the Angerme 2018 Aki "Denkousekka" concert on November 23 at Pacifico Yokohama.[42] During the first MC, the new members were revealed to be newcomer Ise Layla from the Hello! Project "ONLY YOU" Audition and Oota Haruka from Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido.[43] The addition of Ise made the seventh generation the first to include a non-Kenshuusei member since the debut of second generation members 7 years ago.[44] They would start performing with the group after the new year in the Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2019 WINTER concert tour.[45]

On December 29, Angerme performed at rockin' on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 18/19 at Makuhari Messe.

2019 – present: Wada Ayaka's graduation & new leadership system[edit]

On March 22, 2019, it was announced that Angerme was appointed as an official supporter for the Aidorisai 2019 ~Idol Matsuri~ contest along with Juice=Juice, Up Up Girls (Kari), The World Standard, and Chuning Candy. This is the group's first time being appointed as official supporters for the annual contest after they were ambassadors in 2015 and 2017.[46]

On April 10, they released their 26th single "Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita Fifteen", which was the debut of the seventh generation and also leader Wada Ayaka's last. It was a tribute to her 15-year history with Hello! Project, as well as the changes the group went through from their time as Smileage until they became Angerme, with the title being a throwback to Smileage's major debut single 'Yume Miru Fifteen', and being written by former 1st generation Fukuda Kanon. The choreography included dance parts from each generation's debut song. On the single's release day, a special site for "Koi wa Accha Accha" was launched where the start of the Accha Accha Campaign (アッチャアッチャ キャンペーン) was announced. Fans were asked to post photos to Twitter and Instagram or videos to TikTok and YouTube with the hashtag "#アッチャアッチャ". Weeks later, each Angerme members selected their favorite to share on the special site.[47][48][49]

From May 3 to May 26, Angerme opened a pop-up café named "ANGE/ROOM" in collaboration with AREA-Q in Shibuya.

On May 15, Angerme released the album Rinnetenshou ~Angerme Past, Present & Future~. Celebrating the groups releases from the re-brand to Angerme to the graduation of Wada Ayaka, this album included every song from Taiki Bansei to Koi wa Accha Accha. This is the first album to feature the 4th through 7th generation members, and the last to feature and credit leader Wada Ayaka, and 2nd generation members Nakanishi Kana and Katsuta Rina.

On May 24, they published their first mook titled ANGERMOOK which was produced and edited by actresses and models Aoi Yu and Kikuchi Akiko, who are both fans of the group.

On May 25, during the night performance of Angerme Concert Tour 2019 Haru ~Rinnetenshou~ in Chiba, leader Wada Ayaka announced after her graduation on June 18, Takeuchi Akari would become the new leader of Angerme and Kawamura Ayano would become a new sub-leader alongside current sub-leader Nakanishi Kana. Wada declared that seniority is not a rule within Angerme, and due to age and career history not being important to the group, she saw the opportunity to create a new leadership system based on merit that she hopes would be kept in the future.[50]

On June 18, Wada Ayaka graduated from Angerme and Hello! Project in the Hello Pro Premium Angerme Concert Tour 2019 Haru Final Wada Ayaka Sotsugyou Special Rinnetenshou ~Aru Toki Umareta Ai no Teishou~ at Nippon Budokan, becoming the longest-serving member and longest-serving leader of the group. With her graduation, there were no more first generation members in the group.[51] Only 8 days after Wada's graduation, on June 26, Katsuta Rina announced that she would graduate from Angerme and Hello! Project on September 25 at Hello! Project 2019 SUMMER in Pacifico Yokohama to pursue a career in fashion. Katsuta Rina was responsible for designing the outfits of multiple Angerme concert costumes and expressed her desire to continue doing such work in the future. In the announcement, Katsuta stated she had already made plans with the company to graduate at the start of the year, but due to the timing of Wada's graduation, she delayed the process.[52]

In episode #296 of Hello! Project Station uploaded on July 3, Angerme made an announcement regarding the group's new system. It was decided that one new member, Hashisako Rin from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, would join the group as the eighth generation member. She is the 3rd solo generation to debut in the group, as well as the first to debut after all original 1st generation members have graduated. She was introduced on stage during the Hello! Project 2019 SUMMER concert tour from July 13.[53][54]

On August 2, Angerme performed at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019. Two days later, on August 4, Angerme performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019 on the SOUND OF FOREST stage, doubling their audience of 4,500 last year.

On September 7, the group held their first concert in Mexico. A series of Facebook live Q&As with Angerme members were broadcast as promotion for the concert, beginning on May 23 with Wada Ayaka, who would not be in the concert due to her graduation from the group in June. The second Q&A was held on June 16 with Takeuchi Akari, Kawamura Ayano, Oota Haruka, and Ise Layla; the third was on July 3 with Nakanishi Kana, Katsuta Rina, and Kasahara Momona; and the fourth was on July 4 with Takeuchi, Murota Mizuki, and Funaki Musubu. The fifth Q&A on July 23 was with Murota, Kawamura, and Morning Musume '19 guests Ishida Ayumi and Nonaka Miki; and the sixth on July 25 was with Kamikokuryo Moe, Kasahara, and Juice=Juice guests Takagi Sayuki and Miyamoto Karin.[55]

On September 19, the group released 'Micchaku Documentary Photobook "Angerme to Kaite, Seishun to Yomu."', a documentary photo-book following Angerme from February to August 2019. The photobook features Wada Ayaka's graduation, Katsuta Rina's graduation announcement, and the joining of Hashisako Rin. Photos were selected out of about 50,000 from 20 different scenes. There are 5,000-word interviews with each member and special interviews with first-generation member Fukuda Kanon and Momoiro Clover Z's Momota Kanako.[56][57]

On September 28, they performed in the Rakuten GirlsAward 2019 AUTUMN/WINTER at Makuhari Messe.

Less than a week after Katsuta's graduation, on September 30, fellow second generation member and sub-leader Nakanishi Kana announced that she would graduate from both Angerme and Hello! Project on December 10, 2019, to study business administration and management. Similarly to Katsuta, she had already made plans with the company to graduate earlier this year, but due to the graduations of Wada and Katsuta, she prolonged the announcement. With this announcement, Takeuchi Akari will become the last remaining member who was active in the group prior to being re-branded to Angerme.[58]

On November 20, the group released their 27th single 'Watashi wo Tsukuru no wa Watashi / Zenzen Okiagarenai SUNDAY' which is the debut single of Hashisako Rin and last to feature Katsuta Rina, who graduated two months before the release, and Nakanishi Kana. This will also become the first single since the groups' debut to not feature any first generation members and Takeuchi's first as leader of the group. It was also announced that once Country Girls suspends their activities, Musubu will graduate from the group in March 2020. Murota is also set to graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project on March 22, 2020.

On January 2, during Hello! Project 2020 Winter tour ~side A~, ANGERME announced that they would hold an audition for new members, titled ANGERME ONLY ONE Audition ~Watashi wo Tsukuru no wa Watashi~, which opened for applications on January 11.

On February 28, it was announced that Oota Haruka has been suspended from all activities for an indeterminate amount of time due to rule violations. Any information on resumption of activities will follow at a later date.


Member timeline[edit]

As of December 2019 (does not include Musubu and Mizuki's graduations and Haruka's hiatus)

Member changes and singles history (as of 2019)



No. Title Release date Charts Sales

1 Warugaki 1 (悪ガキッ①, "Evil Brat 1")[62] December 8, 2010 18 8,905 11,848
Smileage Best Album Kanzenban 1
  (スマイレージ ベストアルバム完全版1, "Smileage Best Album Complete Edition 1")
May 30, 2012 13 6,339 8,095
2 2 Smile Sensation (②スマイルセンセーション) May 22, 2013 13 6,199
Smileage / Angerme Selection Album "Taiki Bansei"
  (Smileage / Angerme SELECTION ALBUM「大器晩成」)
November 25, 2015 17 6,374 9,762


No. Title Release date Charts Sales
Indie label
1 "Ama no Jaku"
(ぁまのじゃく, "Playing It Cool", "Little Demon")
June 6, 2009
2 "Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai"
(あすはデートなのに、今すぐ声が聞きたい, "Though We Have a Date Tomorrow, I Want to Hear Your Voice Right Now")
September 23, 2009
3 "Suki-chan"
(スキちゃん, "My Dear Little Love")
November 23, 2009 159
4 "Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!"
(オトナになるって難しい!!!, "It's Hard to Grow Up!!!")
March 14, 2010 42 1,324
Major label (as Smileage)
1 "Yume Miru 15"
(夢見る 15歳, Yume Miru Fifutīn, "A Dreaming 15-year-old")[9][64]
May 26, 2010 5 20,938 24,936
2 "Gambaranakute mo Ee nen de!!"
(○○がんばらなくてもええねんで!!, "OO No Need to Try Hard!!")
July 28, 2010 6 18,987 24,489
3 "Onaji Jikyū de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama"
(同じ時給で働く友達の美人ママ, "Friend's Beautiful Mom Who Works in the Same Hourly Pay")[65]
September 29, 2010 5 17,998 29,533
4 "Short Cut"
(ショートカット, Shōtokatto, "Short Haircut")[66]
February 9, 2011 5 20,492 22,831
5 "Koi ni Booing Boo!"
(恋にBooing ブー!, "Oink! Oinking [=falling] in Love")[67]
April 27, 2011 6 19,049 20,954
6 "Uchōten Love"
(有頂天LOVE, Uchōten Rabu, "Ecstatic Love")
August 3, 2011 5 29,328 33,823
7 "Tachiagirl"
(タチアガール, Tachiagāru, "Stand Up, Girl")
September 28, 2011 4 22,792 26,328
8 "Please Miniskirt Postwoman!"
(プリーズ ミニスカ ポストウーマン!, Purīzu Minisuka Posuto Ūman)[68]
December 28, 2011 5 34,132 36,513
9 "Choto Mate Kudasai!"
(チョトマテクダサイ!, "Wait a Minute, Please!")
February 1, 2012 6 19,700 22,106
10 "Dot Bikini"
(ドットビキニ, Dotto Bikini, "Polka-dotted Bikini")
May 2, 2012 6 20,043 22,133
11 "Suki yo, Junjō Hankōki."
(好きよ、純情反抗期。, "I Love You, Pure-hearted Rebellious Stage")
August 22, 2012 7 22,866 24,508
12 "Samui ne."
(寒いね。, "It's Cold, Isn't It?")
November 28, 2012 6 19,308 21,120
13 "Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita"
(旅立ちの春が来た, "Spring of Departure Has Come")
March 20, 2013 4 22,560 24,289
14 "Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!" / "Yattaruchan"
(新しい私になれ!/ヤッタルチャン, "Be the new me!/Yattaruchan")
July 3, 2013 4 26,573 27,935
15 "Ee ka!? / „Ii Yatsu“"
(ええか!?/「良い奴」, "Do You Get It!?/"Nice Guy"")
December 18, 2013 3 33,320 37,141
16 "Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion"
(ミステリーナイト!/エイティーン エモーション)
April 30, 2014 2 34,340 36,616
17 "Aa Susukino / Chikyu wa Kyo mo Ai o Hagukumu"
(嗚呼 すすきの/地球は今日も愛を育む)
August 20, 2014 5 28,051 29,528
Major label (as Angerme)
18 "Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushū"
"A Late Bloomer"/"A Girl's Counterattack"
February 4, 2015 2 43,104 48,578
19 "Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shōtan / Mahō Tsukai Sarī"
"Ups and Downs"/"Extreme Hardships"/"Sally The Witch"
July 22, 2015 2 42,663 46,885
20 "Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Donden Gaeshi / Watashi"
"The Nail That Sticks Out Too Much Does Not Get Hammered Down"/"A Complete Turnover"/"I am."
November 11, 2015 2 39,787 42,229
21 "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku / Itoshima Distance / Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru"
"One by One, One after Another"/"Itoshima Distance"/"Love's already begun"
April 27, 2016 2 52,682 56,865
22 "Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyō made Shinka Shitekita Ningen Ai no Tame Subete Taika Shitekita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru"
上手く言えない/愛のため今日まで進化してきた人間 愛のためすべて退化してきた人間/忘れてあげる
"I Can't Describe It"/"Humans Have Evolved For Love, Humans Have Degenerated Everything For Love"/"I'll Forget Everything For You"
October 19, 2016 3 31,468 35,991
23 "Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan"
"I don't need anything but love"/"Tear-colored Decision"/"Witch Girl Megu-chan"
June 21, 2017 3 45,101 48,793
"Manner Mode / Kisoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku / Kimi Dake ja Nai sa... Friends"
"Silent Mode"/"Regularly and Beautifully"/"It's not just you... friends"
December 13, 2017
24 "Nakenai ze... Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha゠Lover / Kimi Dake ja Nai sa... Friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)"
泣けないぜ・・・共感詐欺/Uraha゠Lover/君だけじゃないさ...friends (2018アコースティックVer.)
"I Can't Cry・・・ The Fraud of Empathy"/"Opposite゠Lover"/"It's not just you... friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)"
May 9, 2018 2 44,677 54,245
25 "Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! / 46-Okunen LOVE"
タデ食う虫もLike it! / 46億年LOVE
"Every Man to His Own"/"4.6 Billion Years Love"
October 31, 2018 5 40,969 50,202
26 "Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita 15"
恋はアッチャアッチャ / 夢見た 15年
"Love is Accha Accha"/"Dreamed for 15 Years"
April 10, 2019 2 48,650[69] 55,568
27 "Watashi wo Tsukuru no wa Watashi / Zenzen Okiagarenai SUNDAY" November 20, 2019 1 69,257[70] 76,588

Collaboration singles[edit]

Artist Title Release date
Oha Girl Maple with Smileage
(おはガールメープル with スマイレージ)
"My School March"
November 24, 2010
"Makeruna Wasshoi!"
(負けるな わっしょい!, "Don’t Give Up Wasshoi!")[72]
August 6, 2011
Hello! Project Mobekimasu
(ハロー!プロジェクト モベキマス)
"Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku"
"Philosophy of How Not to Become an Ugly Girl")
November 16, 2011

Digital download singles[edit]


  • Ike! Danshi Kōkō Engekibu (行け!男子高校演劇部) (2011)[79]
  • Kaidan Shin-mimi Bukuro Igyou(怪談新耳袋 異形,Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan,Igyou)(2012)[80]


Japan Record Awards[edit]

The Japan Record Awards is a major music awards show held annually in Japan by the Japan Composer's Association.

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2010 Smileage "Yume Miru 15" New Artist Award[81][82] Won
Best New Artist[10] Won


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