Angers (meteorite)

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Type Chondrite
Class Ordinary chondrite
Group L6
Country France
Region Pays de la Loire
Coordinates 47°22′N 0°33′W / 47.367°N 0.550°W / 47.367; -0.550Coordinates: 47°22′N 0°33′W / 47.367°N 0.550°W / 47.367; -0.550[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 3 June 1822

Angers is an L6 meteorite that hit Pays de la Loire, France in 1822.[2] The meteor struck at 8:15 PM on June 3.[3] It has since been stored along with L'Aigle, another meteorite that struck France 19 years prior, in a room at the Muséum d’histoire naturelle d’Angers, a French natural history museum.[4]


It is classified as L6-ordinary chondrite.[1]

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