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Angie Chiu
Chinese: 趙雅芝
Chiu Nga-chi

(1954-11-15) 15 November 1954 (age 65)[citation needed]
EducationShung Tak Catholic English College
Years active1975–present
Wong Hon-wai
(m. 1975; div. 1983)

Melvin Wong (m. 1984)
AwardsTVB Anniversary AwardsAll-Time Most Memorable Female Leading Roles
1999 The Bund (1980)

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese趙雅芝
Simplified Chinese赵雅芝

Angie Chiu (Chinese: 趙雅芝; pinyin: Zhào Yǎzhī; born 15 November 1954) is a Hong Kong actress, and was the third runner up in the 1973 Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Early life[edit]

In 1954, Chiu was born in Hong Kong.[1]


Chiu started her career as a flight attendant for Japan Airline.[1]

In 1973, Chiu participated in Miss Hong Kong Pageant.[1]

In 1970s, Chiu's acting career began. Chiu is most noted for her leading role in The Bund, opposite Chow Yun-fat and Lui Leung-Wai.[1]

Chiu is a well known actress in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China.

Personal life[edit]

In 1975, Chiu married Wong Hon-wai (黃漢偉), a medical doctor. They had two children, Gary Wong (黃光宏) and Ronnie Wong (黃光宜). In 1983, Chiu divorced Wong Hon-wai. In 1984, Chiu married Melvin Wong, an actor. On 7 January 1986, their son Wesley Wong (黃愷傑) was born.[2] Chiu's son Wesley later became an actor.



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1976 The Private Eyes 半斤八兩 Jackie. [3]
1977 Money Crazy 发钱寒 [4]
1979 The Kung Fu Instructor 教头
1981 Job Hunter 失业生 Guest Star
1986 Heroes Shed No Tears 英雄无泪
1991 The Banquet 豪門夜宴 [5] Guest Star
2010 You Deserve to Be Single 活该你单身 [6]
Showtime 用心跳 [7]

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1978 The God of Sabre 刀神1978 Ching-ching (TVB), A Hong Kong television miniseries adapted from Gu Long's novel the moon scimitar book.
1978 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龍記1978 Chow Chi-yeuk (TVB)
1979 Chor Lau-heung 楚留香1979 So Yung-yung (TVB)
1980 The Bund 上海灘 Fung Ching-ching (馮程程) (TVB)
1984 The Other Side of the Horizon 魔域桃源 Tong Kei (唐琪) (TVB)
1985 The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飛狐) Ma Chun-fa (TVB)
1985 The Yang's Saga (楊家將) Guan Yin (TVB), Guest Star
1985 The Reincarnated Princess 观世音 Miu Sin / Guan Yin [8] (TVB)
1991 The Chronicles of Emperor Qianlong (Xi Shuo Qian Long) (China TV) with Adam Cheng co-stars
1992 New Legend of Madame White Snake 新白娘子傳奇 Bai Su Zhen / Hu Mei Niang (TVB), (1995 TTV)
2003 Point of No Return 西關大少 Ng Yuk Hing
2004 Warriors of the Yang Clan 楊門虎將 She Saihua, wife of Yang Ye. [9]
2015 Master of Destiny 風雲天地 Mok Nga-man (莫雅文) Guest Star
2017 The Destiny of White Snake 天乩之白蛇传说 Holy mother of Mount Li [10] Guest Star
2019 Monarch Industry 帝凰业 Elder Princess [11]

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