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Angie Zelter, 2014.

Angie Zelter (born 5 June 1951) is a British activist and the founder of a number of international campaign groups, including Trident Ploughshares and the International Woman's Peace Service. Zelter is known for non-violent direct action campaigns and has been arrested over 100 times in Belgium, Canada, England, Malaysia, Norway, Poland and Scotland, serving 16 prison sentences. Zelter claims to be a self professed 'global citizen'.


In the 1980s Zelter founded the Snowball Campaign, which encouraged several thousand people to cut the fences around US military bases in the UK. In 1996 she was part of a group that disarmed a BAE Hawk Jet, ZH955, causing £1.5million damage and preventing it from being exported to Indonesia where it would have been used to attack East Timor.[1] She was acquitted for this action in a victory which forced the issue of arms control onto the mainstream agenda.

Along with American Ellen Moxley and Ulla Røder from Denmark, she became known as one of the Trident Three, after the women succeeded in entering Maytime, a floating trident sonar testing station in Loch Goil, and damaged 20 computers and other electronic equipment and circuit boxes, cut an antenna, jammed machinery with superglue, sand, and syrup and tipped logbooks, files, computer hardware, and papers overboard. In December 2001 the Trident Three were awarded the Right Livelihood Award.

In March 2012, the South Korean police arrested Angie Zelter for obstructing the construction of the controversial Jeju-do Naval Base.[2]

In September 2014, Zelter received in Istanbul the Hrant Dink Award for her fight against nuclear weapons.

Trident Ploughshares[edit]


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