Angier Buchanan Duke

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Angier Buchanan Duke (1884–1923) was a trustee of Duke University from 1914–1923, as well as vice president and president of its Alumni Association.[1]


Duke was the son of Benjamin Newton Duke and Sarah Pearson Angier. He was the brother of Mary Lillian Duke, and first cousin to the flamboyant heiress Doris Duke (1912–1993). He married Cordelia Drexel Biddle (daughter of bank heir Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr.) with whom he had two children, Angier Biddle Duke (1915–1995) and Anthony Drexel Duke (1918-2014). In an accident in 1905 he had lost a hand and part of his arm. In 1923 he drowned when a boat overturned and he was unable to get back into the boat because of his missing hand.[2] John Davidson portrayed him in the 1967 film, The Happiest Millionaire.


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