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The old bridge of Aggitis River in Alistrati.

The Angitis (Greek: Αγγίτης), also known as Angista and Dramatitsa is a tributary of the River Strymonas in Northern Greece.[1] The river Angitis is 75 km long and it is considered to be an important tributary of the Strymonas.

Its source is in the Falakro mountains, in the regional unit of Drama, near the town Prosotsani. It flows towards the south until Fotolivos, where it turns west and enters the Serres regional unit. It flows into the Strymonas near Tragilos.

The river is the setting for a number of extreme sports, including rafting.[2] The Angitis cave is 21 km. long. A short distance from the cave is the gorge of the river Angitis, 15 km. in length and depth that reaches 100 m, down to the river bed.

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Coordinates: 40°54′08″N 23°48′38″E / 40.9021°N 23.8105°E / 40.9021; 23.8105