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Gleann na gCreabhar
Anglesboro is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 52°20′33″N 8°17′18″W / 52.34237°N 8.28826°W / 52.34237; -8.28826Coordinates: 52°20′33″N 8°17′18″W / 52.34237°N 8.28826°W / 52.34237; -8.28826
Country Ireland
Province Munster
County County Limerick
Elevation 198 m (650 ft)
Irish Grid Reference R803212

Anglesboro or Anglesborough (Irish: Gleann na gCreabhar, historically anglicized as Gleanagruer) is a small village at the foot of the Galtee Mountains, in south-east County Limerick, Ireland.[1] The nearest town is Mitchelstown in County Cork approximately 12 kilometres away.

It is a small community with one shop, a National school,a Catholic church and a community hall to service the local population. It is situated in a primarily agricultural area.

Notable people[edit]

Liam Lynch (1893-1923)- Irish Republican and military leader.
Lynch was Chief of Staff of the Irish Republican Army between March 1922-April 1923. He was born at Barnagurraha and went to school at Anglesboro National School. As a leading military commander in the War of Independence, he opposed the Anglo-Irish Treaty on the grounds that it dis-established the Irish Republic proclaimed in 1916 and he assumed the position of Chief-of-Staff of the anti-treaty IRA called the "Irregulars". He was killed in a skirmish with Free State forces on the Knockmealdown Mountains in County Tipperary on 10 April 1923. His death was seen by many as the event which ended the civil war.[2]

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