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The Bishop of Nagpur exercises episcopal leadership over the Diocese of Nagpur of the Church of North India.

Office Bearer[edit]

This is an incomplete list of people who have served as the Bishop of Nagpur.

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1903–1926 Eyre Chatterton (1863–1950)
1926–1937 Alex Wood, OBE (born 1863)
1937–1949 Alexander Ogilvy Hardy (born 1891)
1949–1954 George Sinker, MA (1900–1986)
1954–1957 S. A. Pathak Full name: Sadanand Appaji Pathak (1906–1957)
1957-1970 J. W. Sadiq (born 1910)
1971-1984 Ramchandra Shivapa Bhandarre bishop of Nagpur after the inauguration of the Church of North India.
1984-2000 Vinod Peter died in a road accident.
10-June-2001 P.M.Dhotekar Full name: Bishop Premkumar Moshe Dhotekar (2001-2003)

Bishop Dhotekar and Bishop Nayak of Phulbani Diocese were unconstitutionally terminated from the office of episcopa as they attended the consecration ceremony of Metropolitan K.P.Yohannan of Believer's Church of India and laid hands on him to bless.

???? - date Paul Dupare

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