Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

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The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf is one of four dioceses in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, and includes Cyprus, the Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the Yemen. In every part of the diocese, except in Cyprus and Iraq, the congregations are largely expatriate, with many Christians from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and the African continent.

The Diocese is linked with the Diocese of Exeter in the UK and the Diocese of Thika in Kenya

The Bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf[1] is the Ordinary of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East Diocese of "Cyprus and the Gulf[2]" in the Middle East.

List of the Bishops in Cyprus and the Gulf[edit]

(Any dates appearing in italics indicate de facto continuation of office. The start date of tenure below is the date of appointment or succession. Where known, the date of installation and ordination as bishop are listed in the notes together with the post held prior to appointment.)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1976 to 1983 Leonard Ashton Deceased[3]
1983 to 1986 Henry Wylie Moore Retired[4]
1987 to 1996 John Brown Retired[5]
1996 to 2007 Clive Handford Retired[6]
2007 to present Michael Lewis

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