Anglican Diocese of Edmonton

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Diocese of Edmonton
DofE logo.png
Ecclesiastical province Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land
Archdeaconries Edmonton, McLeod River, Strathcona, Vermilion River
Coordinates 53°32′24″N 113°29′49″W / 53.540°N 113.497°W / 53.540; -113.497Coordinates: 53°32′24″N 113°29′49″W / 53.540°N 113.497°W / 53.540; -113.497
Parishes 57
Rite Anglican
Cathedral All Saints' Cathedral, Edmonton
Current leadership
Bishop Right Rev. Dr. Jane Alexander

The Diocese of Edmonton is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land of the Anglican Church of Canada. The diocese comprises almost 78,000 square kilometres of the civil Province of Alberta, consisting of a band across the central part of the province, extending to the borders of the adjacent provinces of British Columbia to the west and Saskatchewan to the east. Its See city is Edmonton, and its roughly 77,000 Anglicans (of whom about 10,000 are active) are served by 63 congregations grouped in 54 parishes.[1]

The diocese was established in 1913 when it was divided from the Diocese of Calgary (which in turn had been divided from the Diocese of Saskatchewan in 1888). The following year, the diocese was incorporated by the Alberta legislature.

Edmonton is the major city within the diocese. Other communities are a mix of small, rural centres and suburban bedroom communities of the capital.

The current Bishop, Jane Alexander, was installed on May 11, 2008. She formerly served as the Dean of All Saints' Cathedral.

A lay order, the Company of the Cross ran the Saint John's School of Alberta which closed in 2008. In the past, the school and order were specifically under the control of the diocese and bishop.[2]

Bishops of Edmonton[edit]

Name Dates Notes
1st Henry Gray 1914–1931
2nd Arthur Burgett 1932–1940
3rd Walter Barfoot 1941–1954
4th Howard Clark 1954–1961
5th Gerald Burch 1962–1976
6th John Langstone 1976–1979
7th Kent Clarke 1980–1987 Metropolitan of Rupert's Land, 1986–1987
8th Ken Genge 1988–1996
9th Victoria Matthews 1997–2007
10th Jane Alexander 2008–present


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  2. ^ However, there is currently no ongoing relationship with either the Company of the Cross or Saint John's School. Company of the Cross (1971). "St. John's/Company of the Cross Annual Report". In legal fact the company is two companies, each operated under the auspices of an Anglican bishop, one in Manitoba under the bishop of Rupert’s Land, the other in Alberta under the bishop of Edmonton. Since the bishops renew the members in the company’s service annually, they could presumably dissolve the company by refusing to admit new members.... Each time the one of the company’s activities raises public question or controversy ... the bishops find themselves assailed with the same questions: Are these people part of the church, or are they not, and if they are what controls does the church have over them? 

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