Anglican Diocese of Kalgoorlie

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The Anglican Diocese of Kalgoorlie existed from the consecration of its first bishop in 1914[1] until its absorption into the Anglican Diocese of Perth in 1973.

Tenure Name Notes
1914-1919 Cyril Henry Golding-Bird[2] 1st Bishop of Kalgoorlie
1919-1950 William Edward Elsey[3] 2nd Bishop of Kalgoorlie
1950-1967 Cecil Emerson Barron Muschamp [4] 3rd Bishop of Kalgoorlie
1967-1973 Denis William Bryant[5] 4th Bishop of Kalgoorlie


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Coordinates: 30°44′39″S 121°28′23″E / 30.74419°S 121.47295°E / -30.74419; 121.47295