Diocese of Madras of the Church of South India

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Diocese of Madras
Country India
Ecclesiastical province Church of South India
Congregations 1192
Cathedral St. George's Cathedral
Secular priests 186
Current leadership
Bishop Rt.Rev George Stephen

The Diocese of Madras is a diocese of Church of South India in Tamil Nadu state of India.The diocese is one among the 22 dioceses of Church of South India.


The year 1640 marks the beginning of the Diocese of Madras in the Church of South India, being the year of the founding of the city of Madras, and it was only in 1647 that a Chaplain of the merchant fleet of the East India Company came ashore to celebrate Holy Communion in a temporary chapel in the Fort St. George. With the consecration of the oldest Anglican Church on the east of the Suez Canal in 1680 in the precincts of the Fort, dedicated to St. Mary the Blessed virgin, under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London, came established presence of the non-Roman Catholic Church in Madras. The next 150 years saw the growth of the Christian population in Madras, It became obvious that the St. Mary's Church in the Fort cannot serve the growing and spread-out Christian population. So in 1815 the Church of St. George was built on the arterial road linking St. Thomas Mount and Fort St. George. On 28 October 1835 Daniel Corrie, the Archdeacon of Calcutta, was consecrated Bishop and installed in the Church of St. George, it marked both the coming into being of the Diocese of Madras and the elevation of the parish Church to St. George's Cathedral.

About the Diocese[edit]

The Diocese of Madras consists of areas under Chennai(Formerly Madras), Nellore, Chinglepet, North and South Arcot and the Tamil speaking areas of Chitoor district. It has around 80,000 members, with 120 presbyters.The diocese has 186 Pastorates and 1192 congregations.

Areas under Diocese of Madras[edit]

The Diocese of Madras is divided into four areas.

  • Madras North  : 51 Pastorates and 140 congregations
  • Madras South  : 49 Pastorates and 99 congregations
  • Central  : 47 Pastorates and 592 congregations
  • Southern  : 39 Pastorates and 361 congregations

Bishops of the Diocese[edit]

Notable Churches under the Diocese[edit]

The cathedral was built in 1815. St. George’s occupies an important place in the history of Christianity in India.he architecture of St. George’s Cathedral is remarkable for its tall spire, pillars, marble statues, mural tablets and memorials inside. The Cathedral is a piece of architectural grandeur resting on a tier of steps.

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