Anglican Diocese of Moosonee

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Diocese of Moosonee
Dioecesis Moosoneeensis
Country Canada
Ecclesiastical province Ontario
Metropolitan Colin Johnson
Parishes 29
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. Matthew's Cathedral, Timmins
Emeritus Bishops Tom Corston, Caleb Lawrence

The Anglican Diocese of Moosonee is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario of the Anglican Church of Canada. It was created in 1872 from part of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, in what is now the Province of Rupert's Land, and transferred in 1912 to the new Province of Ontario. Now headquartered in Timmins, Ontario it was originally headquartered in Moose Factory. Its first bishop was the Right Rev. John Horden.

Following the retirement of the 8th Bishop of Moosonee, the Most Rev. Caleb Lawrence, in January 2010, an election synod was held on April 10, 2010, under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, the Most Rev. Colin Johnson.[1] The synod election Tom Corston to be the 9th Bishop of Moosonee. He was consecrated as a bishop and installed as Bishop of Moosonee on July 6, 2010, and served until the diocese was reorganized as a mission area of the Province of Ontario, with the Metropolitan serving as bishop of Moosonee in addition to his jurisdiction in the Diocese of Toronto.

Bishops of Moosonee[edit]

# Name Dates
1st John Horden 1872–1893
2nd Jervois Newnham 1893-1904 (subsequently Bishop of Saskatchewan 1903-1921)
3rd George Holmes 1905–1909
4th John Anderson 1909-1943 (Metropolitan of Ontario 1940-1943)
5th Robert Renison 1943-1954 (Metropolitan of Ontario 1952-1954)
6th Cooper Robinson 1955–1963
7th James Watton 1963-1980 (Metropolitan of Ontario 1974-1979)
8th Caleb Lawrence 1980-2010 (Metropolitan of Ontario 2004-2009)
9th Tom Corston 2010-2013 (Assistant Bishop 2014-present)
10th Colin Johnson 2014-present (Metropolitan of Ontario 2009-present)

Deans of Moosonee[edit]

The Dean of Moosonee is also the Rector of St Matthew's Cathedral, Timmins, Ontario

  • 1948–1954: Cuthbert Cooper Robinson (Bishop of Moosonee, 1955)
  • 1955–1957: James Watton (Bishop of Moosonee, 1963)
  • 1957–1961: S.J. Bell[2]
  • c.1974: G. Coster Scovil
  • c.1977: John Fowler
  • ?–?: Jerry Smith (for 5 years)[3]
  • 2007–?: Sharon Murdoch[4]
  • 2011–present: Gregory Gilson[5]


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