Diocese of Niassa

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Diocese of Niassa
Ecclesiastical province Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Archdeaconries 6
Parishes 32
Congregations 426
Members 65,500
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. Bartholomew, Messumba
Current leadership
Bishop Vicente Msosa
Diocese of Niassa

The Diocese of Niassa (pt. Diocese Anglicana do Niassa) it is one of the two Anglican dioceses of Mozambique, both part of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. This diocese is the more Northern of the two, the other is Lebombo. It is divided into six archdeaconries: Cobue, Lunho, Lichinga, Milange, Rio Chire and Lurio.

Mark van Koevering, an American of Dutch descent, was the diocesan bishop from 2003 to 2015. The diocese itself was not able to elect a bishop to succeed him and so the synod of bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in September 2016 named Vicente Msosa as the bishop elect, being consecrated bishop of the Diocese of Niassa on 25 February 2017.[1]

The diocese has 426 congregations, over 65,500 worshipers, and 55 priests. It has a link with the Diocese of London in the Church of England.

List of bishops[edit]

Coat of arms[edit]

The diocese registered a coat of arms at the Bureau of Heraldry in 2001 : Per fess wavy Or and Azure, in chief a dug-out issuant Brunatre, seated therein a fisherman proper, vested about the loins Argent and holding pendant from a handline Sable a fish Argent, in base three barrulets wavy of the last; the shield ensigned of a mitre proper.[2]


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