Anglican Diocese of Pretoria

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Diocese of Pretoria
Ecclesiastical province Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Parishes 61
Rite Anglican
Cathedral Cathedral Church of St. Alban the Martyr, Pretoria
Current leadership
Bishop Johannes Seoka

The Diocese of Pretoria is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. It is divided into seven archdeaconries and has 61 parishes.


The diocese originally covered the whole of the South African Republic, which later became the Transvaal province of South Africa. In 1922 the Diocese of Johannesburg, covering the Southern Transvaal, was formed. In the 1980s and 1990s several new dioceses were formed.

The northernmost part of the diocese covered what is today the Limpopo Province. Suffragan Bishops were often based at Christ Church Polokwane (then, Pietersburg) to oversee the mission work of the church. In 1957 Bishop Robert Selby Taylor decided to make Pietersburg the centre of the Archdeaconry of the North. In the 1980s a suffragan bishop, John Ruston, was sent to oversee the region. Under his leadership a new diocese was formed. The Anglican Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist was inaugurated in 1987.

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