Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon

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Diocese of Saskatoon
Ecclesiastical province Ruperts Land
Archdeaconries 3 Deaneries, Saskatoon, Eastern and Western
Parishes 21
Churches 40
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. John's Cathedral, Saskatoon
Current leadership
Bishop David Irving

The Diocese of Saskatoon is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land of the Anglican Church of Canada. Its territory is a band across the middle of the province of Saskatchewan.[1] It was separated from the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan in 1933. The motto of the diocese is Sursum Corda - Lift up your hearts, a phrase from the service of Holy Communion. The cathedral church is St.John the Evangelist, built in 1912. Like many main line churches, the diocese continues to close parishes and churches, both rural and urban, and is serving an aging population. Many rural parishes are multi-point charges.

Bishops of Saskatoon[edit]

Previous bishops were bishops of Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan, Bishop Hallam continued after 1933 as bishop of Saskatoon.

Deans of Saskatoon[edit]

The Dean of Saskatoon is also Rector of St John's Cathedral.

Source: St John's Cathedral

  • 1943–1949: William Eastland Fuller (Bishop of Saskatoon, 1949)
  • 1950–1955: Norman Douglas Larmouth
  • 1956–1962: Shirley Arthur Ralph Wood
  • 1962–1965: Elwood Harold Patterson
  • 1966–1970: Douglas Albert Ford (Bishop of Saskatoon, 1970)
  • 1971–1981: Roland Wood (Bishop of Saskatoon, 1981)
  • 1982–1991: Robert J. Blackwell
  • 1993–2000: John Allan Kirk
  • 2001–2006: Susan Marie Charbonneau
  • 2006–2011: Terry R. Wiebe


Coordinates: 52°30′N 105°55′W / 52.50°N 105.91°W / 52.50; -105.91