Anglican Order of Preachers

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The Anglican Order of Preachers is an Anglican religious order sometimes referred to as the "Dominicans". The order was founded in the United States during the late 1990s by the Very Reverend Jeffery Mackey, O.P., but traces its spiritual heritage back to St. Dominic in the 13th century. The order includes men and women, married and celibate, ordained and lay. The order is a recognized "Christian Community" of the Episcopal Church in the United States. While originating in the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Order of Preachers can be found across the world-wide Anglican Communion; Members of the Order must be baptized and confirmed communicants of a Church that is in Communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, oblates and associates may affiliate with the order and belong to any Christian Church. The friars and sisters live under a common rule of life and vows of simplicity, purity, and obedience. The Order seeks to capture the spirit of St. Dominic's original 13th century preaching movement within the varied contemporary settings of its members.

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