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The Anglican Service Book is an edition in traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church (United States). The book was adapted from the 1979 version as well as other sources such as the Anglican Missal, the Sarum Missal and the Book of Occasional Services.[1] The rubrics of the 1979 book allow for such a work without providing all of the necessary texts. The book was offered to facilitate worship in the traditional language of Anglicanism. The Anglican Service Book was published by the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. The book is principally used by Anglo-Catholics.


  1. ^ Stephen E. Cavanaugh (2011). Anglicans and the Roman Catholic Church: Reflections on Recent Developments. Ignatius Press. p. 105. ISBN 978-1-58617-499-6. The Anglican Service Book (4th ed., 2007) is a traditional-language version of the 1979 American Book of Common Prayer, enriched by having adapted other sources such as the Anglican Missal, the Sarum Missal, and the Book of Occasional Services (2003). 

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