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Anglicus may refer to :

  • Adam of Dryburgh (c. 1140–1212), Anglo-Scottish theologian, writer and Premonstratensian and Carthusian monk sometimes called Adam Anglicus
  • Alfred of Sareshel (12th-13th centuries), English translator also known as Alfredus Anglicus
  • Bartholomeus Anglicus (1203–1272), scholastic scholar of Paris and member of the Franciscan order
  • Gilbertus Anglicus (1180-1250), English physician
  • Gualterus Anglicus, Anglo-Norman poet writing in Latin who produced a seminal version of Aesop's Fables
  • Robertus Anglicus, English astronomer of the 13th century
  • Simon of Faversham or Simon Anglicus (c. 1260–1306), English medieval scholastic philosopher and university chancellor
  • Pope Joan, legendary female Pope also known as John Anglicus