Anglo-Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup

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Anglo-Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup
Sport Football (soccer)
Founded 1960
No. of teams Varied
Country Scotland Scotland, France France, England England

The Anglo-Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup was a short-lived Inter-League football competition organised by the French Football Federation that would see teams from the Football League and the Scottish League compete against teams from the French League.


The original idea was to have four teams from Scotland and four teams from England competing together as one nation competing against eight teams from France. Due to the objection by the Scottish League this ruling was cancelled.

Two separate trophies were cast - one for Scottish clubs competing against French clubs and one for English clubs competing against French clubs. Individual clubs could not win the competition, so each country was awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

Entry to the competition was based on a club's final league position at the end of the season. However, with some club's guaranteed entry to European football competitions such the European Cup and Inter Cities Fairs Cup it would open up the chance for other club's to participate who finished lower down their domestic league.


In the inaugural Franco-Scottish competition, Sedan, Toulouse, Lens and Valenciennes were all given entry from the French League to participate in the Franco-Scottish competition. Clyde, Motherwell, Celtic and Dundee were all given entry from the Scottish League. Originally, Ayr United were to have competed, but they had to withdraw because of a lack of adequate floodlighting at their stadium. Their place was taken by Hibernian, who also withdrew because a friendly between an Edinburgh select and Chelsea was scheduled for the same date as their tie with Sedan. Hibernian were therefore replaced by Celtic.

In the inaugural Anglo-French competition, the participating teams were Racing Club de Paris, Nantes, Le Havre and Lille from the French League, and Newcastle United, Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers and Middlesbrough from the Football League.

For the second season of the competition, Le Havre, Rouen, Nimes and Reims were elected to compete on behalf of France in the Franco-Scottish competition, while Bordeaux, Nancy, Lens and Béziers took part in the Anglo-French competition. Three English clubs took part in the 1961-62 competition - Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County - alongside one Welsh club, Cardiff City. With Celtic and Motherwell set to compete again, Aberdeen and Third Lanark replaced Clyde and Dundee in the Franco-Scottish competition.

Due to disagreements as to when matches should be played, neither of the matches between Celtic and Reims took place.


1st Leg 2nd Leg Aggregate
6.8.1960 Sedan 3-0 Celtic 18.10.1960 Celtic 3-3 Sedan (6-3) to Sedan
7.8.1960 Toulouse 1-2 Motherwell 19.10.1960 Motherwell 4-1 Toulouse (6-2) to Motherwell
7.8.1960 Lens 0-4 Clyde 27.9.1960 Clyde 2-1 Lens (6-1) to Clyde
7.8.1960 Valenciennes 1-0 Dundee 7.12.1960 Dundee 4-2 Valenciemnes (4-3) to Dundee

The Valenciennes-Dundee tie played on August 7 1960 took place at Mers-les-Bains in the Somme department.

Scotland won the inaugural edition of the Franco-Scottish trophy by winning the series, 3 aggregate victories to 1.

1st Leg 2nd Leg Aggregate
10.8.1960 Racing Club de Paris 2-3 Newcastle United 28.9.1960 Newcastle United 2-1 Racing Club de Paris (5-3) to Newcastle United
11.8.1960 Nantes 0-2 Liverpool 30.11.1960 Liverpool 5-1 Nantes (7-1) to Liverpool
14.8.1960 Le Havre 1-1 Bolton Wanderers 15.3.1961 Bolton Wanderers 4-0 Le Havre (5-1) to Bolton Wanderers
14.8.1960 Lille 1-2 Middlesbrough 12.10.1960 Middlesbrough 4-1 Lille (6-2) to Middlesbrough

England won the inaugural edition of the Anglo-French trophy by winning the series, 4 aggregate victories to 0.


1st Leg 2nd Leg Aggregate
10.10.1961 Aberdeen F.C. 2-0 Le Havre 6.5.1962 Le Havre 2-5 Aberdeen (7-2) to Aberdeen
7.11.1961 Third Lanark 0-4 Rouen 9.5.1962 Rouen 2-1 Third Lanark (6-1) to Rouen
4.4.1962 Motherwell 1-2 Nimes 9.5.1962 Nimes 3-3 Motherwell (5-4) to Nimes

France won the last edition of the Franco-Scottish trophy by winning the series, 2 aggregate victories to 1.

1st Leg 2nd Leg Aggregate
13.11.1961 Southampton 2-1 Bordeaux 1.5.1962 Bordeaux 2-0 Southampton (3-2) to Bordeaux
4.12.1961 Blackburn Rovers 3-1 Nancy 1.5.1962 Nancy 1-0 Blackburn Rovers (3-2) to Blackburn Rovers
13.12.1961 Lens 2-4 Cardiff City 7.3.1962 Cardiff City 2-0 Lens (2-0) to Cardiff City
11.4.1962 Derby County 1-0 Béziers 12.5.1962 Béziers 2-1 Derby County Match tied at 2-2

The Football League clubs won the second edition of the Anglo-French trophy by winning the series, 2 aggregate victories to 1 (with one match tied).

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