Anglo-Nubian goat

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Nubische geiten.jpg
Conservation statusFAO (2007): not at risk[1]:145
Other namesNubian
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Distributionmore than sixty countries
Usedual-purpose, meat and dairy
  • Male:
    up to: 140 kg (310 lb)[2]:357
  • Female:
    up to: 110 kg (240 lb)[2]:357
  • Male:
    average: 90 cm (35 in)[2]:357
  • Female:
    average: 80 cm (31 in)[2]:357
  • Goat
  • Capra aegagrus hircus
The Anglo-Nubian is characterised by large, pendulous ears and a convex profile.

The Anglo-Nubian is a British breed of domestic goat. It originated in the nineteenth century from cross-breeding between native British goats and a mixed population of large lop-eared goats imported from India, the Middle East and North Africa.[2]:356 It is characterised by large, pendulous ears and a convex profile. It has been exported to many parts of the world, and is found in more than sixty countries.[3] In many of them it is known simply as the Nubian.[3]


The Anglo-Nubian breed originated in England between 1920 and 1930 as a cross between the Old English milch goat and imported bucks,[4] including Zariby and Nubian, imported from India, and Egypt.

It was first exported to the United States in 1909.[5]:8


The Anglo-Nubian is large and carries more flesh than other dairy breeds. The breed standard specifies large size, markings can be any colour, the ears are long and pendulous.[citation needed]

Like most dairy goats, they are normally kept hornless by disbudding within approximately two weeks of birth.[citation needed]


The Anglo-Nubian is a dual-purpose goat. It produces on average 4.5-8% butterfat.[6]


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