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Industry Film production
Film distribution
Fate Absorbed into EMI Films
Founded 1945
Defunct 1971
Headquarters United Kingdom
Key people
Nat Cohen
Stuart Levy
Divisions Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors

Anglo-Amalgamated Productions was a British film production company, run by Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy, which operated from 1945 until roughly 1971 (after which it was absorbed into EMI Films). Low-budget and second features, often produced at Merton Park Studios, formed much of its output. It was the UK distributor of many films by American International Pictures.

It is remembered for producing the first 12 Carry On films (all of which were produced at Pinewood Studios) and B-movie series such as The Scales of Justice, Scotland Yard and Edgar Wallace Mysteries; it did, however, produce the Michael Powell film Peeping Tom. Its film distribution subsidiary was Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd. Anglo had a film production arm called Insignia Films.

In 1962, Associated British Picture Corporation purchased 50% of the shares of Anglo Amalgamated.[1][2] In 1967 they took over 74%.[3]

At its peak Anglo Amalgamated made £3 million a year.[4]

Its library is now owned by StudioCanal via Cannon Films.[5]

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