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Anglogitat is located in Kenya
Location of Anglogitat
Coordinates: 1°57′N 35°25′E / 1.95°N 35.42°E / 1.95; 35.42Coordinates: 1°57′N 35°25′E / 1.95°N 35.42°E / 1.95; 35.42
Country Kenya
Province Rift Valley Province
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Anglogitat is a settlement in Kenya's[1] Turkana County.


The highlands provide adequate rainfall for farming and agriculture which is the economic base of the residents of the Rift Valley. Tea from the highlands in the Kericho district enjoy a world wide reputation, but horticulture is an important part of the district's economy and cattle raising is also practised to a large extent.

The full economic potential of the Rift valley region is, however, far from fully exploited, though the current growth in population and improved education may change this in a near future. People in the province are still mostly rural, but urbanisation is gradually increasing; new cities and towns contain the rural-urban migration and, provided the right policies are instituted, the Rift Valley province will be able to emerge as a national economic and cultural hub.


Before the Kenyan general election in 2013, Anglogitat voted as part of the Rift Valley Province.


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