Angra Manyu

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Angra Manyu
Angra Manyu.jpeg
Studio album by Leila Bela
Released 2003
Recorded 2001 - 2002
Genre Experimental, noise
Label Ellahy Amen Records
Producer Leila Bela

Angra Manyu is the debut concept album from avant-garde musician Leila Bela. The album is a completion of different sounds and noises Bela recorded in her apartment with a recorder. The album consists of 65 tracks.

About the album[edit]

In 2002, Bela recorded and produced her debut album Angra Manyu, which has 65 tracks and that Bela dubs as a strange fairytale concept album. The album is named after 'Angra Mainyu', the Avestan language name of Zoroastrianism's Satan. The 44th track, titled Ahriman (The Liar), reflects the Zoroastrian opposition between asha ("Truth") and druj ("Lie"). 'Ahriman' is a contraction of 'Angra Mainyu' and druj is the "realm" of Ahriman.

The album consists of many tracks with Bela breathing and different sounds which Bela recorded in her apartment on a small recorder that used computer disks to save files.

On the album, Bela used mostly just vocals in many languages to create over 30 all vocal tracks. Then she began using various objects found around her apartment as musical instruments, including hairbrushes, a vacuum cleaner, and pots filled with water. After those tracks were complete, she began using 17 instruments from around the world to add instrumental songs making a total of 65 tracks in all.

She also used her talent of Japanese and Tibetan growling vocals that sound like many voices coming from the same vocal cords on many of her noise tracks in addition to the experiments she did with sound and photons. On the track, "One Night", Bela used her cat Loralie's meow as well and her own unique baby voice whispering in the backdrop while chimes ring. Many tracks have references from Shakespeare in quotes or titles of songs such as "Bare Bodkin" from Hamlet and "not a jot, not a jot" from Othello.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wooaah!"
  2. "Opening Prayer in Aramaic"
  3. "Chaos to Calm"
  4. "Intro"
  5. "Breath Ritual"
  6. "Going Under"
  7. "Noise"
  8. "I Have Woken"
  9. "Who are u"
  10. "Cheshme"
  11. "One Night"
  12. "Take Me Home Now!"
  13. "Quantum Reality"
  14. "Lover... I Can See You There!"
  15. "V-1"
  16. "Shatter"
  17. "Gypsy Sunrise"
  18. "V-2"
  19. "Gypsy Killing Prey!!!"
  20. "Pull My Strings"
  21. "M(1)"
  22. "V-3"
  23. "M(2)"
  24. "eeee eee eeeeee"
  25. "Let Me Help You Mr. Monster Man..."
  26. "Grrrnnr Monster!"
  27. "V-4"
  28. "Listreaux Grackle Inc."
  29. "Mermaids"
  30. "Fairys Playing Chimes"
  31. "Pregnant Pause... Intermission"
  32. "V-5"
  33. "Night of Santour"
  34. "Vocal Extacy"
  35. "Titanic"
  36. "Salute to the Fairy Princess..."
  37. "Race"
  38. "Majnoon"
  39. "Punish Me Please!"
  40. "V-6"
  41. "Not a Jot! Not a Jot! My Love..."
  42. "Khhhhkhhhnana"
  43. "V-7"
  44. "Ahriman! (The Liar)"
  45. "Incubus in the Night"
  46. "In ur Bed"
  47. "Weird Sex"
  48. "The Exorsism Begins..."
  49. "A Bare Bodkin!"
  50. "V-8"
  51. "Apparition Faith1... A Sort of Daos X Machina"
  52. "Faith2"
  53. "V-9"
  54. "Jesus Walked on Water..."
  55. "Much Lazier Race"
  56. "Yes! No! I MeanYes! No I Don't!"
  57. "Sultan of my Heart"
  58. "Mad Childs Play"
  59. "Chice Chica & Meow"
  60. "Ping Pong?"
  61. "Waiting on April... for You"
  62. "Come Peeshy Kitty"
  63. "Demon in My Heart"
  64. "Leaving Her Quantum Journey Behind..."
  65. "Screams for a Finale!"