Angrapa River

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Coordinates: 54°29′02″N 22°00′11″E / 54.484°N 22.003°E / 54.484; 22.003

Angrapa River in Kaliningrad Oblast

Angrapa (Polish: Węgorapa, Russian: Анграпа, German: Angerapp, Lithuanian: Angrapė) is a river in northeastern Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). It originates in Masuria and flows into the Pregolya, of which it is a main tributary.

The Angrapa has a length of 172 km and a basin area of 3,639 km². The Russian name Angrapa is derived from the old German name Angerapp, which in turn is derived from the Old Prussian words anguris (eel) and apis (river). The river's name therefore means "Eel River". The city of Ozyorsk (formerly the German town of Darkehmen) and the village of Mayakovskoye (formerly Nemmersdorf) lie on the Angrapa.

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