Angry (1925 song)

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Published 1925
Writer(s) Composer:
Lyricist: Dudley Mecum

"Angry" is a popular song, with lyrics by Dudley Mecum and music by Henry Brunies, Merritt Brunies, and Jules Cassard, written in 1925.

The song is considered a barbershop quartet standard and was used as the signature song of popular big band bandleader leader Harry Lawrence "Tiny" Hill. Hill made three recordings of the song, the first being on Vocalion Records #4957 on June 1, 1939.[1] Hill's later recordings were both released on Mercury Records in 1946 #1053 (recorded 1945)[2] and #6001.[3] Earl Hines and his orchestra recorded the song on 13 September 1934, in an arrangement by bassist Quinn Wilson.


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