Angry Birds Epic

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Angry Birds Epic
Angry birds epic.png
Developer(s) Chimera Entertainment
Publisher(s) Rovio Entertainment
Distributor(s) Google Play
App Store
Windows Phone Store
Amazon Appstore
Series Angry Birds
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Android
Windows Phone
BlackBerry 10
Release date(s)
  • AUS: March 17, 2014
  • NA: March 17, 2014
  • WW: June 12, 2014
Genre(s) Role-playing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Angry Birds Epic is a free-to-play role-playing video game that is the ninth installment in the Angry Birds series, developed by Chimera Entertainment and published by Rovio Entertainment. The game was announced on March 12, 2014 and features turn-based combat and a crafting system. The game was soft launched March 17 on the Australia, New Zealand and Canada App Store,[1] and was released worldwide on June 12, 2014.[2]


The storyline begins with the player, playing as Red, trying to recover the stolen eggs by the Pigs. As the player progresses, new birds from the Angry Birds universe are added to the roster, including Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and the Blues (Jay, Jim and Jake).[3] Players are limited to choosing three birds from their roster - and sometimes fewer - in the various battles against the pigs.

Angry Birds Epic is set on Piggy Island, with its characters residing in the existing Angry Birds universe. Pigs and the birds take on various roles in the game's cutscenes.

The logo of Angry Birds Epic.
Angry Birds Epic's Logo


Whenever a player selects a level, they can choose up to 3 birds, depending on the level. After selecting the characters and tapping the play button, enemy pigs appear on a landscape. Battles may be normal, involve multiple waves of enemies, or boss fights. To attack, players simply swipe from a bird to a pig. To use a secondary skill (mostly defense types), the player taps the bird. If the player swipes a bird into another bird, the secondary skill of the bird will be received by the other bird. Whenever a character (bird or pig) gets damage, a "Rage Chili" indicator fills up at the bottom of the screen. When full, players can swipe it to a bird to use their "rage" ability, however there are some pigs that can empty the chili by a certain percent. After finishing a battle, the players can earn up to three stars, depending on their performance in that battle. More stars indicates more resources that the players receive as a reward for winning the battle.

The golden Lucky Coins, are rare and used to buy certain classes, spin the Golden Pig Machine, hire the Mighty Eagle and emergency consumables in battle. They can be earned by defeating a Golden Pig across different levels, leveling up or through in-app purchases.

Crafting system[edit]

Whenever the character is not in battle, players can equip and craft weapons, off-hand items, and consumable items. These items are obtained by spending an in-game currency called "Snoutlings", and include blueprints, abilities and crafting materials. These are earned by defeating pigs, opening Treasure Chests, and completing battles. Whenever the player crafts or brews something, their quantity (Potions), damage (Weapons), or health increase (off-hand items) are increased by a random number from zero to three.


In December 2014, Angry Birds Epic was updated to include a multiplayer mode. The Player Arena has weekly leagues that awards epic items to the top players.[4] There are different tiers and the highest is Diamond tier.


Some areas are unlockable via Friendship Gate or Yellow, Blue & Red Pig Gates. Friendship Gates are unlockable via Facebook or spending 25 lucky coins. Yellow Pig Gates are unlockable via Yellow Pig Key (steal from Prince Porky). Blue Pig Gates are unlockable via Blue Pig Key (steal from Wizpig). Red Pig Gates are unlockable via Red Pig Key (steal from Dark Shaman in the 10th level of the 1st Chronicle Cave). The Chronicle Caves are very difficult because of the special abilities that they have. Some Chronicle Cave levels have 10 waves that make it more difficult.

Area Levels Release date Special areas/levels
South Beach SB-1 to SB-4 June 12, 2014 Cornucopia Woods
Cobalt Plateaus CP-1 to CP-12 June 12, 2014 Pig Prison, Cobalt Pig Castle, Matilda's Garden, Puzzle Bridge, Southern Cobalt Plateaus, Western Cobalt Plateaus, Eastern Cobalt Plateaus (8 levels)
Golden Fields GF-1 to GF-4 June 12, 2014 Beard Forest (2 levels)
Limestone Lagoon LL-1 to LL-6 June 12, 2014 The White Whale, Maelstrom
Southern Sea SS-1 to SS-4 June 12, 2014 Shipwreck Reef
Desert Island DI-1 to DI-3 June 12, 2014 Eastern Desert Island, Desert Pig Castle
Pirate Coast PC-1 to PC-3 June 12, 2014 Porktuga (Monday Dungeon)
Slingshot Woods SW-1 to SW-6 June 12, 2014 Western Slingshot Woods, Northern Slingshot Woods (3 levels), Eastern Slingshot Woods, Banjo Bayou (2 levels), Floating Hoghouse (Wednesday Dungeon)
Great Cliffs GC-1 to GC-4 June 12, 2014 None.
Star Reef SR-1 to SR-8 June 12, 2014 Ghost Ship (Tuesday Dungeon), Star Reef Castle
Bamboo Forest BF-1 to BF-9 June 12, 2014 Western Bamboo Forest, Volcano Cliff, Volcano Island (Thursday Dungeon), Eastern Bamboo Forest
Canyon Land CL-1 to CL-3 June 12, 2014 Winter Wonderland (5 levels)
Snowy Peak SP-1 SP-3 June 12, 2014 Mountain Pig Castle
Islands In The Sky IITS-1 to IITS-3 June 12, 2014 None.
Pumpkin Plateau PP-1 to PP-2 June 12, 2014 Trick Or Treat Castle (Friday Dungeon)
Square Forest SF-1 to SF-3 June 12, 2014 Northern Square Forest, Red Giant Valley (4 levels)
Eastern Sea ES-1 to ES-7 June 12, 2014 Sunken Pyramid (Sunday Dungeon)
Moorlands M-1 to M-3 June 12, 2014 None.
Lake Land LL-1 to LL-3 June 12, 2014 Bottomless Cave (Saturday Dungeon)
Northern Sea NS-1 to NS-4 June 12, 2014 None.
Old Nesting Barrows ONB-1 to ONB-6 June 12, 2014 None.
Pig City PC-1 to PC-3 June 12, 2014 Pig City Harbor, King Pig's Castle
Hog Head Mountain HHM-1 to HHM-6 June 12, 2014 Mouth Pool, Magic Shield (5 levels), Wizpig's Castle
Chronicle Cave Shaking Hall to The Great Divide June 12, 2014 Each Cave Has 10 Levels.


The game periodically releases limited time events featuring special characters, game play and rewards. Some events feature characters from other franchises like in September 2015 there was the Sonic Dash event with Sonic the Hedgehog. When the player first starts the event, a short clip is shown. The birds jump through a portal into the Sonic world, where Sonic is captured by Dr. Eggman. After a few levels, Sonic gets rescued by the birds, and you can play as him in the event. If the player is able to obtain certain objects throughout the event (e.g. rings), an exclusive class for Chuck will be unlocked. It is called the Illusionist, and whilst wearing it, Chuck can use Sonic's moves. However, unlike Sonic, the Illusionist can be used on Piggy Island as well as in the Sonic World. In the Sonic World, there are no pigs. Instead, there are Badniks from Sonic's universe.


The game has received generally favorable reviews with a Metacritic score of 69/100 based on 11 reviews.[5] Cnet praised the solid gameplay, but did not like the numerous In-app purchases combined with the slow delivery of in-game items, as well as the always online to play requirement.[6]


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