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For the Kaiser Chiefs' song, see The Angry Mob.
For the political structure, see Ochlocracy.
A prototypical angry mob.

An angry mob is a group of people ("mob") and protest, either violently or non-violently, against a common theme, object, policy or ruler which the "mob" finds offensive. Such "mobs" can take many forms, such as picketing, rioting and silent vigils.


The description of a member of an angry mob, or an angry mob in general, is generally negative, focusing on such aspects as their filth or ugliness.[1] This can sometimes be done to undermine their beliefs/goals through an ad hominem.

The Roman pleb uprising (triggered by the economic crisis, threats from opposing nations, and massive debt) caused what has been described as an angry mob.[2]

Various Occupy Movement groups have been described by various authorities as being "angry mobs".[3] This labeling has also been criticized.[4]

See also[edit]

  • Ochlocracy - a form of government ruled by an angry mob


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