Anguilla Channel

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Anguilla Channel
SSS Islands Map.png
Anguilla Channel is located in Saint-Martin
Anguilla Channel
Anguilla Channel
Anguilla Channel is located in Lesser Antilles
Anguilla Channel
Anguilla Channel
Anguilla Channel is located in Caribbean
Anguilla Channel
Anguilla Channel
Coordinates18°8′N 63°5′W / 18.133°N 63.083°W / 18.133; -63.083Coordinates: 18°8′N 63°5′W / 18.133°N 63.083°W / 18.133; -63.083
Basin countriesAnguilla (United Kingdom)
Saint Martin (France)
SettlementsGrand Case, Marigot, Blowing Point
Blowing Point Ferry Terminal facing the Anguilla Channel

The Anguilla Channel (French: Canal d'Anguilla) is a strait in the Caribbean Sea. It separates the islands of Anguilla (a British Overseas Territory) in the north from Saint Martin (an Overseas collectivity of France) in the south.


A coral reef in the channel named Chris's Reef was discovered in 2009. It contains the remains of vehicles, which may have been destroyed by Hurricane Luis in 1995 and consequently placed into the reef for disposal.[1]


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