Anguina (nematode)

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Seed and leaf gall nematode
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Subclass: Diplogasteria
Order: Tylenchida
Superfamily: Tylenchoidea
Family: Heteroderidae
Subfamily: Heteroderinae
Genus: Anguina
Scopoli, 1773

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Anguina [1][2][3] (Seed-gall nematode, Seed and leaf gall nematode, Seed gall nematode, Shoot gall nematode) is a genus of plant pathogenic nematodes.


In addition to the type species:

species include:[4]

Former species
  • Anguina lolii Price, 1973 now a syn. Anguina agrostis[citation needed]
  • Anguina millefolii now Subanguina millefolii (Low, 1874) Brzeski, 1981
  • Anguina phalaridis (Steinbuch) Chizhov, 1980 now a syn. Anguina agrostis[citation needed]
  • Anguina poophila Kirjanova, 1952, now a syn. Anguina agrostis[citation needed]
  • Anguina tumefaciens now Subanguina tumefaciens (Cobb, 1932) Fortuner & Maggenti, 1987


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