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Province Manitoba
 • Type Rural Municipality
 • Mayor Shawn Katchin

Angusville is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district[1] in the Canadian province of Manitoba, located in the Rural Municipality of Silver Creek. It was named after a pioneer family with the surname Angus.


Angusville has a rich history in prairie settlement. Within the community here are Manitoba Heritage Buildings that commemorate this fact.

It looks very much like a house, the formal arrangement of front porch with a symmetrically placed door flanked by windows, the only suggestion of its more honoured position: the seat of local government. Built in 1938, this was the rural municipality's building, the site of council meetings and offices and also of a vault and jail situated in the basement. The building's official function ceased in 1971, when it was purchased by a credit union. Today the building serves as the Angusville and District Museum.

The Angusville Ukrainian People’s Home of Ivan Franko was constructed in 1934 by members of the Ukrainian community of Angusville and surrounding areas. Ukrainian National Home societies were central to the maintenance of Ukrainian communities throughout Manitoba. The members of such organizations established theatrical groups, choirs, reading and political discussion clubs and sponsored a variety of other cultural and social activities. The society halls or "national homes" as they were better known, were constructed to showcase society events. The society names were usually selected to commemorate important individuals in Ukrainian history, in this case a well-known poet. The Angusville Ukrainian People’s Home of Ivan Franko is adorned with three domes or banyas, of the type more typically seen in Ukrainian church architecture. Only a few national homes in Manitoba possess this feature.


Angusville has a rich sporting history with success in hockey and baseball. For a decade the Angusville Flyers Seniors Men Hockey team dominated the North Central Hockey League. Capturing the league title in 1969-70, 1976–77, 1980-81. Angusville had success on the field as well. The Angusville Cardinals seniors men team captured many league titles and provincial titles in its existence. In 2004, the senior's men baseball team, the 1963 Angusville Cardinals, were inducted into the Baseball Manitoba Hall of Fame. Led on the field by such Manitoba baseball greats such as Currnie Chuchmuch, Bill Sidoryk, Jonny Parobec, and Stan Furman, the cardinals captured the provincial title solidifying their place in Manitoba Baseball history.


As the service centre for the municipality, Angusville provides basic services such as a Credit Union, a cafe, post office, gas station and a clothing store. Residents must travel to the nearby Town of Russell for a wider range of services.

The community also generates revenue through the fundraising such as the Angusville Poker Derby, Angusville Sports Day and Slow Pitch tournament, and renting out the Angusville Arena and ball diamond to various local sports teams and for other events.


The Angusville region finds itself is a mix of good agricultural farmlands, forest and many small lakes.


The Angusville area contains the Silver Beach Resort. There is also the Trans Canada Trail, which passes through the Silvercreek subdivision. The trail allows hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing through the beautiful Parkland region.


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