Anhui Agricultural University

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Anhui Agricultural University
Established 1928
President Wan xiaochun (宛晓春)
Location Hefei, Anhui, China
Campus Urban

Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) (Chinese: 安徽农业大学; pinyin: Ānhuī Nóngyè Dà Xué) is a Chinese institution of higher learning located in the urban area of Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui Province, China. As A Jointly-Funded University By Anhui Provincial People's Government And The Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC. It excels in agricultural, forestry and life science, and covers engineering, science, economics, business, literature, law and medicine.

The origin of the university dated back to 1928, when Anhui Provincial University was founded. In 1935, the school of agriculture was formed. In 1954, the agricultural branch was separated, and became an independent institution. The school adopted its current name, "Anhui Agricultural University", in 1995.


In 1928 April, the provincial Anhui University established in Anqing, became the only one colleges and universities in Anhui. August, to set up the grammar school, started to enroll Undergraduate, College of science created in 1929, 1935 created agricultural college.

In 1946 January, Anhui University from provincial to national, by the Ministry of education of the national government.

In 1949 December, Anhui University will all books, instruments, equipment and appliances moved from Anqing to Wuhu, and the Anhui Provincial College merged into Anhui University.

In 1950 July, 1952 September and the summer of 1953, the Anhui University conducted three adjustment, part of the professional adjustment to other institutions of higher learning, and from other colleges and universities to accept some professional. After the adjustment, including Anhui University majoring in agriculture and forestry professional and specialty of normal school two.

In 1954 February, the State Council of the PRC decided to cancel the Anhui University, the Teachers College and agricultural College of Anhui University independently to Anhui normal college and Anhui agricultural college. April, according to the Anhui Provincial People's government decision, Anhui Agricultural College moved to Hefei. The next ten years, professional number from 3 to 10, the original development of teachers from 98 to 432 people, increased the number of students from 307 to 2109.

In November 25, 1968, the Revolutionary Committee of Anhui province made a decision, Anhui Agricultural College moved under the countryside school. In December 6, Anhui Agricultural College moved to rural education, and split into three campuses: Suxian Zilu lake purple campuse, Chuxian campuse and Fengyang campuse.

In 1970, Anhui Agricultural College recruited the first batch of the worker peasant soldier students. In addition to the 1971 not recruit students outside the peasants and soldiers, from 1970 to 1977, Anhui agricultural college, a total of 2731 peasants and soldiers students enrolled.

In June 26, 1978, was in China Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping approved deputy party secretary of Anhui Agricultural College Zhang Jingwu and so on seven CCP members and cadres of the letter, agreed to return the Anhui Agricultural College's buildings and land in Hefei. October, Anhui agricultural college move back to Hefei.

In 1982, Anhui Agricultural College obtain the tea and wood processing professional master's degree.

In 1995, Anhui agricultural college was renamed Anhui Agriculture University.

In 1998, Anhui Agriculture University was approved as a doctorate authorized unit.


  • School of Agronomy
  • School of Plant Protection
  • School of Horticulture
  • School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
  • School of Animal Science and Technology
  • School of Tea & Food Science
  • School of Natural Sciences
  • School of Life Science
  • School of Resources & Environment
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Textile Engineering and Art
  • School of Information & Computer Science
  • School of Economics & Management
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Economics & Technology(Independent College)

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