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Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.
IndustryCivil engineering, mining
Area served

Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group (AFECC) is a Chinese construction and mining company with an international focus that includes 14 overseas subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific Islands.[1] Based on the value of 2011 deals, the company ranks among the top 225 contractors in terms of international projects.[2]

The company develops diamond mines in the DRC and Zimbabwe.[3] In the DRC, the company entered into a 50-50 joint venture agreement with the government to develop a mine in eastern Kasai that could produce 6 million carats by 2016.[3] The terms of the agreement were publicly revealed in March 2013 and specified that the company would contribute $4.2 million in equity, provide a signing bonus of $61 million, and invest in various infrastructure projects amounting to $100 million throughout the country.[3] The planned infrastructure projects include the construction of a 4.6- megawatt hydropower plant near Tshibwe; a new building for the national diamond regulator; and assistance in bringing a loan from the Chinese government to fund a 15-megawatt hydroelectric plant at Tubi Tubidi and a road from the plant to Mbuji-Mayi.[3]

In its charitable giving, the company contributed $1.5 million towards a week long phase of a medical mission called the "Brightness Trip", in which a medical team visiting the hospitals of Malawi treated patients with cataract conditions.[4]


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