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Ani (given name)

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Ani (Armenian: Անի) is an Armenian feminine given name given in reference to the medieval Armenian capital city of Ani.[1][2] The name was among the top 10 most popular names given to newborn girls in Armenia in 2012.[3] It is also a nickname.

Notable people with the name include:

  • Ani Batikian (born 1982), Armenian violinist living in Scotland
  • Ani Choying Drolma (born 1971), Nepalese Buddhist nun and musician
  • Angela Ani DiFranco (born 1970), American singer, guitarist, and songwriter
  • Ani Ghukasyan (born 1990), Armenian professional footballer
  • Ani Hona (1938–1997), New Zealand Māori writer, poet; founding member of the Te Reo Māori Society
  • Ani Idrus (1918–1999), Sumatran reporter and co-founder of Waspada daily newspaper
  • Ani Kaaro (died 1901), New Zealand tribal leader and prophet
  • Ani Kavafian (born 1948), classical violinist
  • Ani Khachikyan (born 1991), track and field sprint athlete who competes internationally for Armenia
  • Ani Mijačika (born 1987), professional Croatian tennis player
  • Ani Mirotadze (born 1975), Georgian journalist and politician
  • Ani Nyhus (born 1983), Canadian softball pitcher
  • Ani Pachen (1933–2002), Tibetan Buddhist nun who led her clan in armed rebellion against China
  • Ani Palian, 21st century Ukrainian Paralympic swimmer
  • Ani Phyo (born 1968), organic eco chef, author, founder of SmartMonkey Foods
  • Ani Samsonyan (born 1990), Armenian politician and journalist
  • Ani Vardanyan (born 1991), Armenian figure skater
  • Ani, Theban scribe for whom the Papyrus of Ani was compiled

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