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Anibar is an organization founded in 2010 by a group of young art activists. Anibar’s mission is to encourage young people, especially young artists, to experiment and work with animation in order to express their ideas and worldview. Anibar is working towards its overall goal with capacity-building activities, such as training seminars and workshops, film screenings, debates, and other activities that provide more visibility for emerging artists. Anibar has a camping area for its guests, which is located in the national park of Peja “Karagaq”.

The main annual event of the organization is the Anibar International the Festival, which takes place in the city of Peja, Kosovo, during August. The Festival was first organized in 2010 and has become an important cultural event for the city of Peja. Anibar is currently the only animation festival in Kosovo.[1]


The Anibar Festival started in August, 2010, with the goal of creating a new platform in Kosovo for the animated film genre, as well as encouraging and enabling young authors to create new works with classical and contemporary techniques. In 2011, the Anibar Festival was officially represented at the annual Dok Leipzig festival in Germany.[2]


Animated films that are screened in Anibar are divided into three categories: competitive program, special program and the program 'Kids for Kids Animations'. Admission to the competitions for animated films is open every year from January 30 to April 30. In 2012, the festival accepted approximately 150 films for official competition. In 2013, approximately 140 films were accepted.[3]


  • Cinema-City "Jusuf Gërvalla" has a capacity of 300 seats, and features special programs and programs for children. Competitive films are screened daily.
  • Cinema "Anibar OpenAir Cinema" is an open air theater, improvised in a former open air basketball playground. This cinema has a capacity of 600 seats and it's the festival's main theater with movies screened in the evening hours.
  • Cinema "Caffe & Debate" is a miniature cinema that is used to display animations of authors who are present at the festival. Animated films are shown in this cinema, and then the author presents his/her work related to the animation film. Participants are able to talk to the author of the animation. The authors present the process of working on animations, video, photos, storyboards, illustrations and music. The Cinema has a capacity of 35 seats.
  • Cinema “lake” is a outdoor cinema by the lake, with 100 seats and inflatable boats.[4]


Anibar gives awards in different categories, such as:[5]

  • International Competition
  • Student Competition
  • Balkan Competition
  • Feature Film Competition
  • Music Video Competition
  • Kids and Teen Programs

2011 award recipients[edit]

Award Movie Name Director Country
Best International The external world David O'Rally Sweden
Honorable mention The eye
Best Balkan Guernika Shaqir Veseli Albania
Honorable mention Dove Sei, Amor Mio Veljko Popovic Croatia

The Eye for Best International Animation: The external world / David O Rally (Germany) Tussilago / Jonas Odell (Sweden) Honorable mention The Eye for Best Balkan Animation: Guernika / Shaqir Veseli (Albania) The Silence of the Sea / Vjekoslav Zivkovic (Croatia) Honorable Mention Dove Sei, Amor Mio / Veljko Popovic (Croatia) Special Mention.[6]

2012 award recipients[edit]

The movies that won the international category are: “The Backwater Gospel” by Bo Mathorne, “Oh Willy” by Emma de Swaet and Marc Roels, “Borby deline” by Dustin Rees, “The Play” by Sinan Sertel, “In the beginning of time” by Bozidar Trkulja.

The winners for the Balkan category are: "The father" by Ivan Bogdanovit, “Perfect life” by Ozgul Gurbuz, “Michael Pollan’s Food rules” by Marija Jacimoviq and Benoit Detalle, “The Promise of Constantine” by Marvina Cela.[7]

2013 award recipients[edit]

Award Movie Name Director Country
Best International Darling/Liebling Izabela Plucinska
Best Balkan Ifran in University Riduam
Best Student The Rabbit and the Deer Peter Vacz

The winners for the international category are: “Darling/Liebling” by Izabela Pluciska The student category: “The Rabbit and the Deer” by Peter Vacz The Balkan category: “Irfan in University” by Riduam.[8]


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