Aniche Mining Company

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Compagnie des mines d'Aniche
Industry Coal mining
Successor Groupe de Douia
Founded 11 November 1773 (1773-11-11)
Founder Claude-Constant Juvénal d'Harville des Ursins
Defunct 1946
Headquarters Auberchicourt, France
Products Bituminous coal
Number of employees
Up to 15,000, pre-World War II[1]

The Aniche Mining Company (compagnie des mines d'Aniche) was a French company that operated coal mines in the Nord-Pas de Calais. The company was founded in 1773 and became part of the Groupe de Douia in 1946. Prior to World War II the Aniche Mining Company produced over 3 million tons of coal per year, and employed 15,000 workers.[1]