Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus

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Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus (floruit 425-443) was an aristocrat of the later Roman Empire. He was Urban prefect three times before 437, consul in 438, and briefly Praetorian prefect of Italy in 442.[1][2] Faustus was selected to promulgate the Theodosian Code in the Western Empire.[3]

Faustus was the son of Acilius Glabrio Sibidius, who is known from a dedication to him from Faustus. Sibidius was a member of the lineage of the Acilii Glabrii, who descended from the consul of 191 BC, Manius Acilius Glabrio.[4] Cameron states his mother was one of the house of the gens Anicia, although unable to identify the woman.[5] His descendants include Rufius Achilius Maecius Placidus (cos. 481), Anicius Acilius Aginantius Faustus (cos. 483), and Rufius Achilius Sividius (cos. 488).[6]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Flavius Sigisvultus,
Flavius Aetius
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Theodosius Augustus
Succeeded by
Flavius Theodosius Augustus,