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Anil Dhawan
Dhawan in 2009
Born 27 November 1950 (age 66)
Delhi, India
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Rashmi Anil Dhawan
Relatives See Dhawan family

Anil Dhawan is an Indian film and television actor, most known for his debut film, Chetna (1970) and Piya Ka Ghar (1972).[1][2]

He is memorable in the silver screen for the song Yeh Jeevan Hai in the movie Piya Ka Ghar (1972) with actress Jaya Bhaduri. The music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and sung by Kishore Kumar.[3]

He worked in a string of unconventional movies between late 1960s and early 1970s, which perhaps would have been better appreciated in some other era, such as Chetna, Yauwan, Piya Ka Ghar, and Annadata.[citation needed]

Now turned activist, Dhawan was part of Anna Hazare camp in his crusade against corruption in Indian public life.[4]

Early life[edit]

He belongs to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was chief Manager in Punjab National Bank there. He did High School from ST Francis Xavier's School, Kanpur and graduated from Christ Church College, Kanpur and later obtained a diploma in acting from FTII, Pune in the same batch as Jaya Bhaduri. His son is actor Siddharth Dhawan. Director David Dhawan is his brother, another director Rohit Dhawan and actor Varun Dhawan are his nephews.[1][5] Anil Dhawan has two grand children—granddaughter Anjini and grandson Karan from his son Siddharth.[6]


He joined Film and Television Institute of India as he wanted to become an actor .[7][8] He entered Bollywood in the '70s.His first film was B.R. Ishara, Chetna (1970). He worked with rising actor Aditya Pancholi in the television movie Sone Ka Pinjra (1986). Actress/director Asha Parekh directed him in the television serial, Kora Kogaz in the 1990s.[9] He was junior to actor Navin Nischol in FTII.[10]

In 2011, Anil Dhawan secured pivotal role in Mein Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki on Life OK starring opposite Aruna Irani.[11]

On his adoration of actress/director Asha Parekh who directed him in the television serial,"Kora Kogaz" in the 1990s: "I have been a great fan of hers. When I joined the industry in the '70s, she was doing her last film as a heroine, "Heera" (1973). I would hop over to wherever she would be shooting and gawk at her."[12]



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